Zelkur and The Earthie Marathon

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Zelkur and The Earthie Marathon

Zelkur and The Earthie Marathon

Sitting on the edge of his Betheran’s index finger, Cody cheered the first group of runners to make it to the finish line. Other Earthies made their roars of ovation from the huge knees of their titanic brothers. A few others found comfort in watching the Earthie marathon from the top of their titanic overlords’ heads. The Betheran teens smiled at each other as their tiny humans made their usual squeaky forms of communication.

There were groups of humans that stood on the ground near the colossal sneakered and sandaled feet of their life maintainers. It could become somewhat unnerving at best when talking with each other the Betherans would turn even slightly their footwear. Even the slightest movement of a Betheran foot could strike terror to an Earthie standing nearby.

Eighteen year old Betheran Jock Zelkur watched on with folded arms. His Earthie brother Cass had entered the marathon much to his delight and admiration. “My tiny human bug pleases me. Glad he wants to push himself. He applied himself well to training. “A slight worried look crossed Zelkur’s face as he thought, “I hope he perseveres despite the pain he may be feeling. In spite of what he might be going through, I hope Cass will finish what he had started. He quits much disappointment in himself he will feel. ”

“Zelkur, I been sending the good mind images to Cass,” said fellow Progressive Learner and jock Urial.

“Thanks Hu-ioukcz ( betheran for: good buddy).”

Sliding down Urial’s light brownish long hair was the Betheran’s Earthie Timothy. Hanging on to a lock of hair, Timothy shouted over to Zelkur, “I have been holding the good thoughts for him too!” The very shy Earthie after he finished, disappeared back into Urial’s shoulder length hair.

Coming from nineteen year old Betheran Gytu were shouts of excitement that his Earthie had crossed the finish line first. However, his Earthie Ito made screams of fright when Gytu snatched him right up from the other runners between two fingers. Ito gulped in fear as he was suspended hundreds of feet in the air by the back of his purple tank top as Gytu proudly displayed his Earthie for all of his Betheran friends to see.

Cass was far behind the other runners. Sweat ran down his face. The calves to his legs ached. Stopping to get his breath, Cass made a slight cry of frustration and collapsed to the ground. Cass curled up. “If only I could rest a while,” he whispered to himself. “No, no I must finish the game. I don’t want to disappoint Zelkur. He was so happy in me entering the marathon.” A tired smile emerged on Cass’s face as he said struggling to sit up, “Zelkur is the best brother an Earthie could have. He is a jock and tough but he always makes me feel like something.”

Cass began to feel a cool refreshing breeze cover him as a shadow engulfed him. Looking up, Cass saw a Beetle Nymph. “Oh, you sensed my pain?” questioned Cass mainly to himself. The Beetle Nymph made a few muted clicks and whistling sounds. Getting up on wobbling legs as the Beetle Nymph hovered above his head, Cass said, “Thanks my friend.” Looking ahead at the now vacant trail, Cass spoke to the Beetle Nymph, “I best be going.”

All at once the ground beneath Cass shook so violently he fell down. Another shadow engulfed him. Only this time it was a massive shadow. “Cass,” spoke a deep rumbling Betheran voice. “You ill?” Gazing upward, Cass saw one of the overseers of the marathon crouching over him. “Let me provide you with refresher and I’ll take you back,” said the sixteen year old who began to reach down for Cass.

“No! No!” Hollered Cass as giant fingers wrapped around his body. When the fingers had released him, Cass found himself rolling down to the center of the palm. Sitting on the slightly sweaty flesh, Cass yelled, “I can finish on my own! I’m not ill! “

The Betheran regarded the tiny human that now sat in his hand. “I sense you are in no physical danger. Still, wouldn’t you rather I bring you back. You can rest in my pocket.”

“Really, I’m fine. And I would like to finish the race. It means a lot to me,” replied Cass. The thought of rest in a Betheran’s pocket was a welcoming prospect. But there was one pocket that meant the most to Cass and brought him a burning joy; that was the sweet pocket of Zelkur’s.

“Very well tiny one, “answered the Betheran who set his mammoth hand down on the trail.

After jumping off the hand, Cass waved up at the Betheran and slowly began to make his way back down the trail.

With tight lips, Zelkur watched the remaining runners come across the finish line. The tired and spent Earthie runners had little time to speak to the each other as they were taken up into the hands of their Betherans.

“Still no sign of Cass?” asked Zelkur’s other friend; the burly Flafra.

“No not yet. An overseer assured me Cass was medically sound to finish the race,” answered Zelkur. “You did enter your Earthie Calvin in the race? And where is he?”

Lifting up his right clenched fist, Flafra responded “Right here.” Sticking out from the center of the massive coiled fist was Calvin’s tiny head. Making a rather boyish smile, Flafra told Zelkur as he stroked the top of Calvin’s head, “I didn’t want to over exert my Calvin. Besides, he’s still prone to seizures.” Flafra continued to stroke the top of his Earthie’s head.

“Early evening greetings Calvin,” said Zelkur. Calvin could not respond as the bottom part of his face was pressed into Flafra’s giant finger.

Coming up to Zelkur with his lively gate and mischievous grin was Ghank. Ghank was Zelkur’s closest buddy. Ghank had a right handful of tired Earthie runners. Placing them into the right pocket to his sport shorts, Ghank told Zelkur, “I don’t see Cass.”

“He hasn’t come yet. And how is Reggie doing. Third place not bad Ghank especially when you think about what he had to overcome. I’m really impressed.”

Making a cocky grin, Ghank replied, “My human bug did well.” Lifting up the left collar to his white sport shirt, a very tired Reggie lifted his head, made a slight smile then lowered his head back down on the Betheran cotton material.

“Tiny one you impress Zelkur,” said the jock who gave Reggie a light tap on the head with a finger. Ghank after covered Reggie back up with his shirt collar.

Cass momentarily forgot the pain in his legs as he saw looming as big as a building his Zelkur. His Betheran looked so impressive and mighty in his long white flowing robe that outlined his muscular build.

Zelkur on his part momentarily forgot those who were around him when he saw his Earthie struggling to make the final approach to the finish line.

“Now I’m the one who is impressed,” spoke Ghank who placed a hand on Zelkur’s shoulder.

Zelkur stooped down. The lower part of his white tunic spread forth before Cass creating a landscape of glowing white. Collapsing down upon the smooth, soft material, Cass said before falling to sleep, “This is my prize---Zelkur. This is what really matters in my life.”

“Can something as a tiny human bug move your heart so,” said Zelkur who with two fingers picked up his Earthie. Flexing his left arm Zelkur added, “Tiny one, I’m going to when you wake up treat you like a micro-king.” Slipping his hand into the inner pocket of his tunic, Zelkur deposited Cass down at the base. Cass sensing even in sleep where he was, curled up into a peaceful slumber.