With Betheran Jocks and Earthies

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With Betheran Jocks and Earthies

With Betheran Jocks and Earthies

Out on the Betheran Educational Facility athletic field, the Betheran learners were doing a series of physical dexterity exercises. It was Zelkur’s turn to jump over the padded air cylinder. Jumping and spreading his legs out, the strapping Zelkur pushed down on the air-cylinder when he yawned and fell forward. The learner behind Zelkur ran into his backside.

“Zelkur,” shouted the student angrily.

“Oooohhh,” groaned Zelkur groggily.

The exercise instructed came and shook Zelkur. “Wake up. I see you have been staying up late again.“

“No, huh? What?” responded a tired and confused Zelkur.

Helping Zelkur off the air-cylinder, the Exercise Instructor told Zelkur, “Go over and rest for the remainder of the interval.”

Zelkur staggered over to the area of the field where the Earthie Learners were playing soccer.

“Greetings,” said Zelkur who began to sit down next to the Earthies. The tiny Earthies squeaked their replies. Zelkur’s Earthie Cass, who was playing in the game bent his head back and waved up at his Betheran. Zelkur as he sat on the ground wiggled a few sleepy fingers at Cass. Zelkur stretched out on his back

“Whoa!” hollered an Earthie teen who about to kick the soccer ball was thrown down when the ground shook beneath his and the other Earthies feet. Recovering from the minor tremor, the Earthie teens watched as the bottom to a pair of giant sneakers came to rest not far from them.

“I hate being this close to their sneakers,“ remarked an Earthie teen named Hal as he moved swiftly away from the huge, square, ground shattering rubber treads to the sneakers.

Hey! Look out!!” screamed another Earthie teenager.

Hal turned around as he heard the deep, rumbling grating sound. Zelkur was moving his right leg to the side. The sneaker as it moved toward Hal, spun up dirt as it moved its way through the ground. “Aaaahh, oh man!!” shouted Hal with a terrified expression trying to outrun the sneaker and mound of dirt that the leg dug up as it swept alarmingly close to him. All the Earthie teenagers were jumping nervously about hoping their pal wasn’t going to get crushed beneath the sneaker or leg. They all gave out a sigh of relief when the leg stopped.

The ground once more shook beneath the Earthies as a group of Zelkur’s friends came over to see how he was doing. The Betheran teens looked rather impressive to the minute Earthies in their athletic outfits. The white sport shorts that the Betheran teens wore were lined with red stripes as was the matching white shirts with red stripes around the openings to the arms and neck. Sticking out from under the waistband to their sport shorts were their Earthies. A couple of Betheran teenagers had their Earthies placed down their ankle high socks so only the Earthie heads were visible above the top of the sock. Betheran teens tended to be very possessive of their Earthies; wanting to keep the humans with them.

Cass excused himself from the game. Running between two pair of huge sneakers, Cass ran up to and alone the side to Zelkur’s right sneaker. Coming to the several yards thick white sock, Cass grabbed hold to the bulky, warm material and began to climb up it. Once on top of the ankle, Cass made his way across the long muscular leg.

The Earthie teens found it both distracting and unnerving as the many sets of Betheran sneakers stood so close to them. One careless move by even one Betheran and the Earthies would be crushed beneath the thick treads. A loud, dull, thumping sound commenced. Looking up past the thick towering legs that disappeared into the giant sport shorts and up past the stories high chest, the Earthie teenagers saw this titanic teen tossing a large blue ball up and down in his hands. “Hey, if that ball drops, we’ll be splattered all over the bottom of it,” remarked an Earthie adolescent. The Earthies started to disperse.

“Where are you going?” asked A Betheran teenager. The Earthies just tried to run past the giant sneakers.

Ghank, one of Zelkur’s close friends who was looking for his Earthie Reggie; crouched over the tiny humans and said, “They look disturbed. Earthies tend to be jittery creatures. We better gather them up.” Huge hands began to block the tiny teenagers retreat.

“Look how cute they look in their Earthie soccer uniforms, “said one Betheran teen as he held two Earthies up by their tank tops between two fingertips. He couldn’t resist tickling them both with a finger. The two Earthie teens trying to stifle their giggles pleaded for him to stop.

A rather bulky Betheran holding an Earthie between his thumb and forefinger noticed the Earthie holding the black and white checkered soccer ball. Placing the Earthie down in his palm, the Betheran asked the Earthie to show him a few soccer ball maneuvers.

“Did you enjoy yourself Reggie?” asked Ghank swinging Reggie back and forth by the back of his blue tank top.

“Stop that Ghank. And we aren’t jittery creatures.”

Bringing Reggie right up before his giant red lips, Ghank smiled. Reggie was dangling before Ghank’s glistening huge and somewhat fearsome white teeth. Hot, moist air gushed forth over Reggie at a tremendous rate when Ghank replied, “My tiny pet seems upset.” Reggie knew Ghank was up to something---as usual.

Sweating from his run over the giant hairy leg, Cass began to cross over Zelkur’s expansive lap. The white sports shorts that Cass was running over were made of a slippery material. Cass fell down a few times. Shortly, Cass after crawling over the thick, ribbed waistband to the shorts made his way over the soft material of the shirt. It covered the bulky, smooth rolling mounds and hills, Zelkur’s chest muscles made beneath it.

Continuing to toss his blue ball up and down in his hands, Betheran teenager Yutur looked longingly at the other Betherans who were having fun with their Earthie pals. Yutur felt left out. He always wanted an Earthie brother. There was one time, however, an extended illness of childhood discharge prevented it.

Yutur sat on the ground. “Ooohh!!” squeaked a tiny voice coming up from Yutur’s right side.

Yutur saw a tiny Earthie right next to his hip slowly getting up and wiping the dirt that was all over him off. The Earthie teen seemed so small, almost pathetic next to his hip which dwarfed the human. Had he just sat down a small space more to his right, Yutur knew this Earthie would have been crushed beneath him. “Sorry my tiny friend, I didn’t see you. I should have looked.”

“No problem,” piped the Earthie plainly. For a minute the Earthie just stared up at Yutur. “You Betherans are so huge!”

Yutur was impressed by a sense of goodwill coming from this human. “You aren’t scared? “

“I was very scared of you Betherans when I first had contact. But after a while I realized how safe I was around you.“ The Earthie looked away for a minute. Returning his upward glance at Yutur said, “I didn’t think one could feel so at ease.” The teen began to pull on the white material of the shorts that rose above him. “Yeah, I’m so happy to be with you!“

Lowering his hand, Yutur told the Eathie, “Come and feel at ease in my hand.” The tiny teen crawled up over the huge fingers. He gave out a yelp of joy when the hand began to ascend to the titanic face. Bringing his hand to across from his eyes, Yutur said, “Happy First Greetings. I am Yutur.”

“Hi Yutur I’m Al.”

“Greetings Al. Where’s your Betheran?”

“Oh, I don’t have one. I’m visiting a friend of mine you see. I’m from the Earthie City of Bale. My friend was playing soccer. I guess I’m lost.” Al’s voice became excited, “I’m ok now. You have me. “ In a lower voice Al said, “Its nice to have someone.“

Yutur who was a level two Progressive Learner, sensed this tiny Earthie teen indeed was lost.

“Yes Al, I have you,” replied Yutur remembering how isolated he felt when as a child the discharge kept him from interacting with his peers.

“You can take me to my friend. I don’t want to keep you from anything.”

“We have a quick cycle before instruction resumes.”

After hiking over Zelkur’s upper-chest, Cass started to jump up and down and shout, “Come on Zelkur, wake up!”

“What’s all that annoying squeaking about,” said Zelkur slowly sitting up. Cass as Zelkur sat up began to tumble down the massive shirt. Spotting his Earthie tumbling down his chest, Zelkur caught Cass in his hand. “Crazy bug, what are you up to?”

“Ah, just trying to wake you up. Instruction starts soon and you still have to clean up.”

Zelkur scratched his head and replied, “Right.” He then frowned at Cass. “Earthie bug, why didn’t you tell me that sooner?”

“I have been telling ya Zelkur. And for a long time telling ya you can’t stay up so late. You’re lucky mom and dad haven’t found out. You have to start to shape up.”

Trying to suppress a smile at Cass’s boldness, Zelkur said, “Shape up? You’re telling ME to shape up?” Taking an index finger, Zelkur pushed Cass down in his hand.

Ghank on his way to the Refresher Chamber looked around for Zelkur. “I hope he’s not still asleep in the field.” Gazing down at the back of his left leg, Ghank cracked a grin at the tiny wiggling, bulge pinned against his calf by the sock.

The Betheran teenagers started to enter the Refresher Chambers. Two Betheran teens to the amusement of the other titanic teenagers had their Earthies spread-eagle on their upper arm muscles. They watched as the tiny Earthies ascended and descended as their Betherans flexed their arms. Earthies, a source of fun for the Betheran Jocks, too a source of great joy. And a story that always seemed to be unfolding in the lives of both Betheran and Earthie.