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The shrunken soldiers - Overlord

In the Carne Village lives a young alchemist named Nfirea. This young boy had blue eyes and short blonde hair, which covered half of his face. He is a calm-tempered boy with a shy nature. He is very invested in his alchemy activities.

Under a big blue sky, Nfirea was walking through the streets of Carne Village on his way home to plant seeds he had just bought on a small farm. These seeds would grow plants which will be very useful to him in making his potions. However, the young boy had no idea that a war was brewing in his home: an army of soldiers from the country Slane Theocracy was heading straight for his village to conquer it.

Meanwhile, in a distant location in the Re-Estize Kingdom, a great wizard named Ainz hatched a plan to annoy the troop of soldiers who were heading to Carne Village. Ainz was a fairly powerful and evil wizard who had very few emotions for beings outside of Nazarick, the headquarters where he resides.

Ainz’s goal was not really to save Carne Village, but rather to weaken the strength of the army moving there. The village was far too weak to defend itself against these enemies. It was totally unfair, and that Ainz didn’t accept. These men deserved this punishment !

So, he decided to shrink each soldier in the troop to the size of an ant and teleport them to the garden of a village resident. In this place, any farmer or animal could pass by and crush the soldiers as if they were insignificant insects. Ainz laughed as he imagined the reaction of the men who were now reduced to the size of an insect.


In a pasture in Carne Village, the soldiers who had just shrunk were trying to figure out what had just happened to them. Kenly, the troop leader spoke:

- Does anyone know what happened to us ?!

- Captain, we've been teleported ! Someone has cast a spell on us.

- I’ve the impression that we are in some kind of forest, Kenly said, observing the huge blades of grass.

- Captain, I have the impression that these plants are really ... giant grass ! notices one of the soldiers.

- Would we have been teleported to a world of giants ?! Whoever cast this curse on us will pay the price... Surely someone who wants to protect this weak village ! We are no longer in Carne Village, be vigilant my soldiers and get out of this forest, the chief warns them.

In reality, Captain Kenly and his soldiers weren’t in a world of giants, but were in the garden of an inhabitant of Carne Village, and not just any inhabitant, it was the garden of Nfirea. Only they were the size of an insect...

Nfirea had arrived at home soon, he decided to go directly to plant his seeds in his vegetable garden to save time.

On the ground, the soldiers got scared when they saw Nfirea who was a real titan for them. The ground shook with each step of the giant.

- My God ! My soldiers, hide behind the giant blades of grass! Let us not fail to be crushed by this giant! Captain Kenly ordered.

The army of soldiers saw the shadow of Nfirea's shoe come over them, they believed their last moments were there.
But by pure reflex, Nfirea looked at the ground before putting his foot down and thought he saw small insects he had never seen before. He bent down to observe them better and noticed that they were really tiny humans. This surprising discovery surprised him. The soldiers and Captain Kenly remained in hiding, knowing full well that they were being watched by the giant. A soldier noticed that the giant was dressed like a simple peasant and he found this curious.

- Captain, pssst… I think we've been shrunk, this man looks like a villager from Carne Village !! the soldier whispers to him.

- You are right, soldier ! I don’t really understand what happened to us, but stay hidden ! We are obviously no match for this person !

- Why are you hiding in the grass ? Nfirea, crouching, asks them nicely.

The giant's voice echoed on the ground and surprised the whole troop. The captain understood that they had been spotted by the giant and luckily he hadn’t crush them. He came out from behind his hiding place and answered Nfirea by raising his head.

- We are sorry to have to hide but if we were visible, we would be crushed, answers the fearful captain Kenly looking at Nfirea.

Nfirea understands that the soldiers are frightened by his gigantic size. For once, he feels taller and stronger because he's not tiny like those soldiers. And suddenly Nfirea felt an emotion he hadn't known for a very long time: he felt superior to others and gained self-confidence.

- You are all the size of an ant ! It's amazing, I had never seen that, in this magical world.

Looking more closely at the small soldiers, Nfirea noticed a logo he didn’t like on their helmets : it was the enemy army. At the time, he didn't understand why they were this size, but he knew he could do away with them by crushing them like they were simple bugs.

The soldiers apologize for their size and disappear into the grass. Nfirea gets up and decides to prevent them from leaving by putting one foot in front of them.

- Where are you going like that ? asks Nfirea.

The soldiers turn around and observe Nfirea frightened not knowing what awaits them. The giant puts his other foot in front of them to intimidate them. Nfirea notices the soldiers walking backwards, staring at him.

- What... what do you want ? asks the captain, looking at the giant's foot.
- I won't let you go ! Nfirea answers them, unsure of himself, as if he had just made the decision.

Nfirea notices that he accidentally crushed some soldiers by lifting his foot. The few soldiers who were under his shoe are nothing more than crushed insects, which embarrasses Nfirea.
Captain Kenly runs to him and says:

- Why did you do that ?! My soldiers didn't deserve this! You crushed them with impunity!

- I'm really sorry sir, I hadn't seen them! sincerely apologizes Nfirea.

The captain is surprised and sees that Nfirea is sincere. He thinks the young boy is a very gentle giant and that he hadn't planned on doing this. He walks away from him without saying anything more and orders his troop to follow him to leave as quickly as possible.
But Nfirea blocks the soldiers with his two feet.

- This is no reason for me to let you go, Nfirea told them, taking a malicious look.

A small gap appears between the giant's shoes and the captain thinks he is able to escape through it. Nfirea serves the gap again but this time the captain doesn't want to get stuck there and he uses his sword to get through.

Nfirea takes the soldier's sword and throws it further effortlessly.

- What did you want to do with that ? Kill me ? Nfirea asks him, laughing. I noticed that you are enemies. I won't let you go.

The soldier stops and looks at Nfirea. He realizes that he cannot escape due to his helplessness, he knows that the giant is too strong and fast for them. He carefully considers a next plan.
Nfirea continues to block the soldiers' path when Captain Kenly decides to escape by turning around. Nfirea laughs when he sees the tiny trying to flee. He waits for the soldier to walk a few tens of centimeters and decides to block him by crushing him with his big and heavy foot. He tries to escape but the giant is too strong for him. He knows he lost the battle.

- You understood ? I’m your king ! And there is nothing you can do about it ! makes them understand Nfirea with a mean smile.

The soldier tries to keep his calm under the giant's shoe. He feels his body compressed. Nfirea only needs to press his foot a little harder to crush the tiny's body. Captain Kenly knows they are defeated and resolves not to escape. The soldiers around him remain completely silent and still, they know that they can end up like their previous colleagues : crushed under the feet of this giant.

Nfirea keeps the captain underfoot while considering what to do. He decides to capture the soldiers in his bag to take them home.

- I think I can find use for such tiny people, Nfirea said, releasing Captain Kenly.

In a few seconds, he takes all the soldiers with his hand and puts them in his bag, closing it firmly. On the ground, there are only the corpses that had been accidentally crushed by Nfirea.

- I'll plant my seeds later eventually, he said to himself. What am I going to do with them ?

While Nfirea returns home, the soldiers are frightened and remain hidden in the bag.


Once home, Nfirea unleashes the tiny soldiers on the floor of his house.

- I'm sorry, but we didn't want to attack your village. We just followed orders. Please leave us alone... please ! begged Captain Kenly, getting up.

- I don’t care ! shouts Nfirea. You will only get what you deserve !

Nfirea bends down and stares at each soldier, intensely thinking about what to do. Each of them sits tight at the sight.
Suddenly, a soldier runs as fast as possible to escape the giant. Nfirea wastes no time chasing him. He grabs it with one hand and brings it closer to his face. The soldier looks terrified.

- Please let me go! I have a family ! implores the soldier looking at Nfirea's face.

The boy loudly sniffs the tiny soldier then throws him to the ground without saying a word. He tries to flee again, but the giant puts his foot in front of him.

- I told you not to try to run away !! It’s unnecessary ! said Nfirea angry.

- I had to try ! Either way, you won't free us...

- Please don't hurt my soldiers any more, young boy ! the captain asks in an attempt to spare his army.

- You are really stubborn, even if you are tiny, said the giant. My name is Nfirea. What's your name, little bug ? Nfirea asks, bending down to the tinies.

- I'm Captain Kenly. Please Nfirea, free my troop and do whatever you want with me.

- Ah, I can see that you are a brave soldier, ready to do anything to save his littles friends, remarks Nfirea. But I don't care ! We're all going to have fun together ! threatens the giant.

Nfirea gets up and begins to take off his shoes, giving the soldiers time to panic even more.

The young boy, holding his pair of shoes in one hand, crouched down to face the troop of tinies before speaking. A slight odor emanated from his socks.

- You wanted to take me for an idiot, I know who you are. Enemies. And I know what to do with the enemies, said Nfirea.

  - Please don't hurt us ! We surrender.

Nfirea looks at the soldiers for a moment, before speaking angrily again.

- It's ridiculous. It's too late to surrender, cowards !

- We'll do what you want, adds Captain Kenly, not knowing what to say.

Nfirea stares at the captain, before growling and walking away.

The soldiers feel the ground vibrate with the steps of the giant. They look at each other, wondering what Nfirea was going to do.

- Well, maybe he decided he would spare us, one of them said nervously.

Nfirea approaches the soldiers in socks, he had just put his shoes away at the entrance. His eyes are fixed on the small troop, they all thought he was not going to attack...

- Let's see first what force you can hold back, said the giant, raising his foot above the tinies.

A gigantic shadow fell over the soldiers, they stood petrified with fear as they watched the giant's huge foot, which seemed warm and slightly damp after spending the day in Nfirea's shoes.

The soldiers started to run so as not to be crushed but Nfirea lowered his foot more quickly and put it on the soldiers.
They felt incredible pressure on their chests and bellies as the giant held them under his foot. They barely managed to suppress a cry of pain.

Nfirea smirked as he felt the little insects move under the sole of his sock. If he pressed a little harder, the soldiers would die crushed. Captain Kenly and a few soldiers were sticking out of his foot and trying to struggle.

- Good, said Nfirea, pressing a little more on their bodies. How does my sock smell ? asks the giant.

The soldiers who were under the giant's foot felt their backs breaking, they couldn't even scream because they lacked air.

- That… that smells bad… answers the captain in a weak tone.

Nfirea still holds them under his foot, before releasing them and walking away.

Meanwhile, the soldiers were moaning on the ground, their bones were broken and they couldn't breathe. Some had been "lucky" to have their heads above feet, as had the captain.

- Ca… captain… he didn't spare us…

- Courage, soldier ! We're going to be okay… he said looking up.

He watched the gruesome scene: his soldiers lay on the ground and looked almost dead. The captain didn't have time to look any longer at his comrades as the ground shook again and harder and harder: Nfirea was already back, and this time he was barefoot.

Nfirea was careful to push the captain with his foot so as not to crush him, then without any respite he lowered his foot again on the soldiers who were almost lifeless. The poor men felt their spines break under the weight of feet, screaming in pain.

- I don't like your answer !! Look what I'm doing to your soldiers because of you !

- What do you want me to answer ?! Kenly asks distraught.

- To forgive you, I want you to beg me, said Nfirea.

- Free my soldiers then !! Lift your foot, you'll kill them ! Kenly pleads crying.

- No too late, my boy ! Nfirea ended up turning his foot firmly on the ground, he could feel small crackles coming from the soldiers.

Nfirea lifts her foot and holds it with his hand to look at him. You could see several small red spots, this detail made the young boy laugh.

- Oh, there's nothing left ha ha ha, poor guys.

The captain, who was now the only survivor, thought for a moment before starting to beg him.

- Please have mercy ! I beg you ! Have mercy ! Kenly cried on his knees.

- Good, said Nfirea, lowering his bigger toe on the tiny's chest.

- Ouch ! What are you doing ?! I thought you wanted me to beg you...

- Yes, but now I want you to clean my foot, orders Nfirea mockingly.

- What ?! How awful ! I would never do that! the captain horrifies.

- You have to do it ! Nfirea insists, keeping the pressure on the tiny body.

- HAAA ! Ok ok, I will do it...

- Perfect. Don't worry, there is no blood from your friends, only sweat, he he.

Captain Kenly began to lick the giant's big toe in disgust. Every lick on the skin was agonizing… It was wet and hot from the socks and shoes Nfirea had worn for several hours, it had intensified the smell of his feet.

- Ha ha that tickles, said Nfirea laughing.

A long minute passed and Kenly caught her breath before speaking.

- There you go… Your finger is clean…

- Good job, little bug… You'll have to do all the others.

- No please… I begged you, I "cleaned" your toe, and I let you crush all my comrades… I deserve freedom now, don't you think ?

- What? Are you serious ?

- We couldn't be more serious… I can't take it anymore, answers the tired tiny.

- Hmm, you may be right… finally said Nfirea, lifting his foot.

The giant rolled his eyes as if to think, Kenly took the opportunity to catch his breath and massage his legs, which had been compressed for long minutes by the giant's foot.

- You may be right ... or you are not !

- What ? Kenly asks, raising his head towards Nfirea.

- You are weak and boring ! I don't want to waste my time with you, and then you don't deserve the freedom. Do I remind you that we are enemies ? he asks, smiling silly.

- Wait, I thought-

Poor Kenly doesn't have time to finish his sentence as Nfirea has already lowered his foot on the little bug. He turns his heel in all directions to crush the last little tiny.

This feeling gave him a strange pleasure. Nfirea observed his foot and saw a red swirl-shaped spot on his heel.

- So! I have defended Carne Village from these enemies, now is the time to wash all those little red spots off my foot, ha ha.

Proud of himself, Nfirea went to his bathroom to take a shower. Afterwards, he went to plant the seeds he had bought and then went back to his alchemist activities.

A few times he remembered that time he had found and tortured these little soldiers, and it gave him a big smile.

The End.

This story is also available on my Deviantart => 
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Re: The shrunken soldiers - Overlord

Great story!

Thank you so much for sharing it!