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The Contest


(I drew the poster ! Good reading !)

It was an exceptional day. Adrian had just finished his creation for the “For our Planet” contest. In fact, the goal was simple : we had to find an invention to improve living conditions on the planet.
The participants had all kinds of ideas, rather banal or already existing, such as the production of reusable bags, an application to promote carpooling… the idea was to create something original. And Adrian was finally done !

Adrian is a 17 year old high school student with brown hair, he likes to wear shirts and jeans. In reality, his style was rather simple but beneath his benevolent side hid an innovative face.
He had already managed to create a banana peeler for a science competition ! And this time, his invention was revolutionary... His idea was to find a way to counter the overcrowding and for that he had created a machine that shrinked humans to a size of about 1,20 pouces. He has been his own tester many times to test the machine and it works fine. He really hoped to win the contest with this great idea.

The entrance to his machine was about 55 pouces high and the rest went down as if it were a tunnel until it made a 1,57 pouces tube. His development was complex, Adrian had used several different components which he found easily on the web. And today, he had put the finishing touches ! His invention was finally ready ! He was sure she would be all the rage before the jury.

He could bring his machine at the end of the day, at the time scheduled for the presentation of inventions during the tournament. Before he had decided to call a friend of his to show him what he had just created. Adrian had never been so excited, he was anxious to see his friend's reaction to such a revolutionary invention.

After a few minutes, his friend finally arrived and it was Brandon. Adrian liked Brandon very much even if he was more of a lazy type, he didn't like science or studies.

"Hey, Brandon, I hope you’re okay !" said Adrian.

- Yeah, I’m fine.

Adrian looking his friend's outfit: he was wearing a red sweatshirt, blue jeans and Nike SB Air Jordan shoes, you could even see that he was wearing white socks because his jeans didn’t go down to the bottom.

- It’s time I showed you my creation !

- That’s great.

- Oh, do you really want to ?

-Hm, yes, he replied nonchalantly.

- Let’s go, I put it in the garden ! It didn’t fit in my room, ha ha.

- Come on.

Adrian took Brandon to the garden to show him his machine.

- Ta-daaa ! Here’s the machine that will solve the problem of overcrowding !

- Oh, it's big. It's awesome as a thing. And what is it supposed to do ?

- It makes it possible to shrink the size of a human up to 1,57 pouces ! What gain a lot of space on our planet ! explains Adrian excited.

- Like the movie “Downsizing” ? Where do scientists develop a process to shrink humans ? This movie is so boring.

- Uh yes, surely.

Adrian was uneasy to see his friend so indifferent to such an invention. Why wasn’t he so excited ?

- Uh... how would you like to test it with me ? So you can see what it feels like ! I have already tested it several times, it works perfectly ! Just go through the opening, of course you have to bend down a bit, and when you leave the tunnel, you have shrunk ! Literally !

- Hm, why not. And to return to our normal size ?

- Just turn around, you come in through the small opening and you find your original size...

- Oh okay, said Brandon, taking a few steps towards the machine.

But when he puts his last foot on the grass, he and Adrian hear a creak. Instinctively the two friends bow their heads down.

- What was that ? asks Adrian, surprised.

- I don't know, maybe a bug, replied Brandon, lifting his foot.

Raising his foot, Adrian and Brandon were able to discover the cause of the noise. A poor bug that was walking was now crushed by Brandon’s feet.

- Oh no, it was a scarab… poor bug. Didn’t you see it ? saddens Adrian.

- No, I was listening to you. He didn't have to be here, Brandon replied, brutally putting his foot on the ground and turning his foot to finish crushing the bug, the feeling of crushing gave him strange pleasure.

- Oh, but why are you doing this ?

- He was already dead, what does it matter ? Brandon replies, wiping his shoe on the grass where the rest of the bug was. So, let’s test your machine ?

- Yes, let's go, follow me…

Adrian entered the machine bending down followed by Brandon. Darkness was everywhere in the passage. The two friends could sense that something was changing about them as they went along. Their size gradually shrinked as they walked toward the exit. After a few seconds, the duo came out of the tunnel, still a little dazzled by the light of day.

- The light hurts my eyes, I can't see anything…

- Yes, you have to wait several seconds to get used to it ! Don’t worry.

And indeed, after 10 seconds the two little humans were finally able to observe their environment.

- Wow, that sounds huge, said Brandon stunned.

- IT’S huge ! And we’re small, we’re only 1,60 pouces !

Both boys were the same size as the blades of grass, some were even a little taller than them.

- It’s not… dangerous ?

- Absolutely not, my parents aren’t here and the fences in my garden separate us from any children playing on the street.

- That tree, said Brandon pointing at him, if I was my real size I could certainly climb in just a few seconds ...

- Impressive, isn't it ? Thanks to this, we can all live without worrying about the place, or colonizing other planets!

- How did you do ? How does it work? asks his curious friend.

- I was waiting for you to ask the question, Adrian replies delighted that Brandon is finally a little more excited than before. Let's walk a bit, I'll explain.

The two boys walk through the huge blades of grass, sometimes they had to push them as if they were going through a jungle.

They had been walking for a few minutes and Adrian was explaining to him how he had made this incredible machine. But Brandon was only half listening, he seemed in awe of everything he saw.

- And it runs on electricity, of course. The machine is plugged in there, Adrian shows him an electrical outlet on the wall of the house. Usually we plug in the lawn mower, but then I use it to run it.

- Ok ok, it works on electricity so ... Too bad, I forgot my phone in your kitchen, I could have taken some pictures and show off with the friends later.

- You can go get it if you want, I'll wait for you here !

- Do I just have to cross the tunnel again ?

- That's it ! Go ahead !

Brandon turns and runs to the entrance where he came in with his friend. He already imagined showing his family and friends pictures of the environment from the ground. He was planning to take lots of original selfies! Walking through the tunnel did the opposite in Brandon: the boy returned to his actual size when he got out, he was finally his original size. He hurried to get his phone.

Meanwhile, Adrian had stayed in the grass with his short height. He liked to stand there and observe nature from here. But his observation was interrupted by vibrations from the ground. It was Brandon who, hundreds of feet tall, had returned to his original size. Adrian could feel his every step on the floor as he walked away to retrieve his phone. Suddenly, Adrian was scared not having fully realized that he was tiny and that his friend was giant… "What a strange feeling! " he says to him.

While Brandon had just retrieved his phone, he redirected himself to the machine. But he stopped a few feet before reinserting himself into it… An idea entered his mind. An idea that gave him a mean smile. He looked at the plug on the wall of the house and planned something.

~~ Meanwhile in the grass.

Adrian was thinking about the contest so much that he hadn't heard his friend come back, and yet the ground had shaken. He didn't know what he was up to.

- If Brandon appreciates my invention, my idea will certainly appeal to everyone! I really hope to win this contest, if I can win.

Suddenly, Adrian was interrupted in his thoughts when two big giant feet crashed a few meters from him, the ground vibrating with incredible force. Distraught because he didn’t expect such jerks, Adrian turns around and recognizes the two shoes that looked like two huge houses. They were his friend Brandon's.

- Hellooo Adrian, Brandon said with a smirk, his voice echoing slightly from his gigantic height.

- Wow, hi Brandon ! You scared me… you really are giant ! It’s strange to see from here! Adrian cried to make himself heard as he lifted his head.

- I can't hear what you're saying, Adrian… or should I say “little bug”.

- What ? What are you saying, Adrian ?

- You don't want to join me ? I have something to show you on my phone.

- Uh yes I'm coming... let me come back to the tunnel.

Adrian walked quickly towards his machine, while Brandon watched his bug-sized friend, laughing quietly.
Adrian had about six pouces to reach the door, but Brandon decided otherwise. He lifted his foot before crushing it outside the door to block his friend.

The sneaker came so hard in front of Adrian that he fell back, not expecting such a shock.
- Br-Brandon ?! What are you doing ?!

- Where are you going to go like that ? There's no point going through your stupid machine, I unplugged it.

- What did you do ?! Adrian couldn't believe it.

Adrian saw his friend's body bend down to speak to him, without him moving his shoe which blocked his way. His machine was out of order anyway... His face came up quickly, it looked the size of a giant spaceship.

- I can't hear what you're saying from where I’m !

- Take off your shoe and let me go !

- Even if I take it off, you won't be able to go back like before, I unplugged it ! You're stuck with that little size, ha ha. Like the insignificant bug I mistakenly crushed earlier.

- Brandon it's not funny, you scare me. Reconnect the machine !

- There's no way I'm doing that ! I was bored to death, but it's true that your machine can do incredible things. We're both going to have fun, Brandon finally said as he stood up, towering over Adrian with his gigantic height.

Adrian was terrified, how could his friend do that ? That wasn’t the purpose of his invention... The expression on his face showed fear. He knew he was the same size as an insect, but he never wanted to be pinned down like that by a giant human.

- Ha ha ha, it looks like that when a bug is afraid ! Brandon laughs when he sees the scared face of his tiny friend.

- Brandon, this is no longer funny ! Stop that and reconnect the machine !

- I don't think that's a good idea. I have something else on my mind.

Brandon suddenly lifts his foot as if to crush his friend. Adrian saw his friend's big foot and believed his hour of death had come.

- Your face is so funny. I can crush you as easily as a bug, that's really funny.

- I don't find that very funny…

- I'm not going to crush you, but we're going to do something else.

Brandon puts his foot on the ground before bending down to take his friend in his hand. Seeing his friend's giant hand approach him, Adrian's only reaction was to run to flee. But it was no use, Brandon grabbed his friend carefree.

- Where do you think you are going like that, miserable bug ? Brandon asks him, holding his friend in his hand.

- Let go of me, Brandon !

- Don't give me orders ! Brandon told him, tightening his grip.

Brandon pressed the fingers of his hand to his friend's small body, and he could see he was in pain. A mean smile spread over Brandon's face at the reaction of his tiny friend.

- I'll think about what we can do. It’s true that you are very smart to have created such an incredible machine. We're going to be able to do funny things together. Let's go to your room, we'll be peaceful, Brandon said at last, walking away followed by a devilish laugh.

- I'm ordering you to get free, Brandon ! Adrian yelled, watching his invention visibly fade away.

To be continued.

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Re: The Contest

Great story!  We can't wait to read the second part!

Thank you for sharing it with us!
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Re: The Contest

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Fun read, indeed!
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Re: The Contest

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I love it!!!