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     Jake with sweat pouring down his face ran as fast as he could.  Not far behind him creating a loud smashing din were gigantic brown sandals that came crashing down onto the ground spewing up dirt, rocks and vegetation.  Several luckless deer were crushed to death beneath these formidable and colossal footwear.  

     Sixteen-year-old Jake was running out of steam.  Tripping over a stone, Jake fell down. A dark shadow quickly covered him. He prepared for death thinking he was going to be crushed under the gargantuan sandals.  Silence.  Surprised he was still alive, Jake slowly stood up.  Slowly turning around to meet his fate, Jake found himself face to face with his pursuer.  Infront of him, rising to his chin was a wall of dark brown. Above this wall, was a thick black fabric. Jake could see outlined beneath the material toes as big as boulders.  Bending his head back as far as he could, Jake saw two towers for legs. The lower part of the legs were enormous. And further above starting below the giant knees were a sort of black baggy pants. This was all Jake could see of this titanic giant. Jake fell to his knees in abject futility.

     Eleven-year-old Unja, placing his hands on his huge leather belt, gazed down at the tiny creature before his feet. “Insignificant one. You are wise to kneel before me,” spoke the youthful and commanding voice of the gigantic boy.  “Time to join your master.”  Unja, stooping down reached for his prize.

     Jake felt a pressure of air pressing down on him. Looking upward, Jake to his horror saw a giant thumb and forefinger coming down towards him. “Please don’t kill me!” he squeaked.

     Unja, picking up the tiny creature brought it before his face. Tiny arms and legs wiggled out from between his thumb and forefinger. The minute head that stuck out and above from behind the thumb was full of fear.  “Tiny Earthman. No need to fear me. I have chosen you to be my pet and servant. If you obey and serve me well---you don’t need to fear.”  Unja moved the tiny teen behind the opening to his black vest. Jake found himself placed in a vast, dark and warm pocket.

     “Whose there?” called out a questioning voice from out of the darkness.

     “It’s me, Jake.”

     “Jake! It’s Steve. What’s happening to us? And what about the others from the day camp?”

     Patting his vest lightly, Unja thought, “I wonder how my warrior brothers are doing?”

     Keta and Qky stood over a tiny vehicle that four tiny Earth creatures ran into. “Do they really think they can escape from us---in that?” asked Keta.

     “Qky replied, “Their primitive creatures. Thus, we must expect irrational behavior from them.” Qky bent over and picked up the flimsy vehicle. The four tiny and scared teenagers in the blue van held each other as they cried in terror.  Holding the vehicle in one hand, Qky ripped open like paper with his other hand the side of the van. Shaking the vehicle, the four tiny creatures fell out and into his massive hand.

     Down near Keta’s right sandal was group counselor Watson. The twenty-three-year-old man watched in fear at all that had happened. Watson felt his mouth go dry at the pure size of these titans. He too was in dread of the massive sandal that was only yards away from him. Watson gulped when he thought, “I am just the size of a bug compared to them.”  Knowing there was nothing he could do for the teens under his charge, Watson decided to go and get help---if there could be help against such gigantic beings.  Watson made his move.

     Keta as he stood with Qky, spotted movement down at his feet out of the corner of his well-trained eyes. Making a bored sigh, Keta lifting his right foot, slammed his brown sandal down in front of the retreating tiny creature.  The tremendous tremor it made knocked the creature down.

     Watson shook his head as the ringing in his ears from the sound the gigantic sandal made ceased. Getting back up, Watson saw the gargantuan sandal of doom.  He knew it was now a hopeless situation.

     With his fists on the sides of his hips, Keta told the tiny earth creature with some menace in his voice, “Tiny creature, I hope you don’t try to escape. I don’t take kindly to disobedience. I would hate to have to crush you under my foot.”

     Watson just hung his head down and he cursed this day outing with unprivileged teens from his town of Riverdale.

     “Glad for your sake you understand creature,” said Keta who picked up his new pet. Making a grin, Keta placed his new possession down the shin high black sock to his left foot.  The earth creature now made a tiny, wiggling bulge beneath the fabric of the sock.

     The twelve-year-old Qky looked over at his fellow warrior brother and shook his head slightly. “You really love to tease your pets.”

     “It’s not teasing. I’ am giving my inferior pet a chance to please his new master,” replied Keta known for devising fun things to do with his pets and servants.

     Qky put a hand to his chin and replied, “Hmm, you do like to push sometimes the limits of fun with your pets. Sometimes I am surprised they survived your---“pleasing.”

     “I live by our warrior code of respect for inferiors. My pets are very happy with their master.”

     Both titanic warrior boys stopped their bantering when Unja ran up to them.  “My honorable warrior brothers. Time is short. We need to get back to the star cruiser while our solar system is still in safe conjunction.”

     “Yes, you are right honorable warrior brother Unja. We have a fair amount of earth creatures to take back with us. All in all, it has been a most gainful day outing,” responded Qky.

     The three gargantuan warrior boys with their newly acquired living possessions, activated the transport beam.  In a stream of light, the gigantic boys were bodily transferred to their star cruiser that was in parking orbit.

     Once on board, the colossal warrior boys programed the star cruiser’s course for back to their home world of Puja.

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Amazing story!  We can't wait for the second part!
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In reply to this post by Tim
Look forward to updating the following chapters