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     The three freshmen from the nearby high school preparatory school; a privately owned young adult reform school for rich troubled teenagers, encircled around the small encampment of the tiny people. Two were dressed in their school burgundy colored sweatpants and sweatshirts and one in a black muscle shirt and matching shorts. The three teens lumbered and thundered with great height into the tiny people’s village. Sixteen-year-old Harv chuckled with amazement at their tiny size.  “Man, their like bugs at my feet!” he exclaimed. Taking off his sneakers, the colossal teen moved his right foot forward. Harv imprisoned between two toes one of the tiny people who tried to flee.

     The tiny folk looked up with dread at the towering teens who gazed down at them with smug expressions.  They were the very image of teenage angst but on a colossal level.

     Fifteen-year-old Shawn began to sit down in the middle of the encampment. The tiny people ran for their lives as the mammoth, oval shaped backside began to descend.  It crushed many of their huts as it hit the ground with a thud and shockwave that knocked many little people down. Fortunately, no one were in them. Seeing a large group of tinies starting to run away, Shawn moved his legs around them---corralling them in. His black hairy legs created an immense wall around them. Before the tiny people, Shawn’s lap rose above them like a small apartment building.

     One daring tiny man began to scale Shawn’s right leg hoping to escape. “What is that tickling feeling?” asked Shawn knowing full well what it was. “So, you don’t like me?” The tiny man became afraid. Shawn reached over and picked up the intensely scared tiny man by the back of his shirt. Speaking to his pals, he asked, “Hey, what should I do with this truant run away?”

     Harv replied, “You should eat him.”  The tiny man began to sweat profusely.

     Licking his lips, Shawn regarded the little man for a moment. “Nah, too small; wouldn’t even make a good morsel.”

     “You should crush him like a bug,” said Shawn’s other pal fifteen teen-year-old Mike.

     The tiny man not knowing if the gargantuan teens were serious began to beg for his life. “Please sir, don’t kill me. I didn’t mean to try and run away.”

     Shawn couldn’t make out the words but by the inflection of the miniscule man’s voice, he knew the tiny must be begging for his life.  “I guess I’ll spare you,” replied Shawn. “And I’ll give you the honor of belonging to me.”  Expanding the waistband to his black workout shorts, Shawn placed him into a small inner-pouch designed for keys. The tiny man found himself in a dark, warm cocoon.

     The tiny people below gasped at the abduction of their member.

     Shawn began to gaze around at the tiny people trapped between his legs. He was looking for tiny males around his age. Spotting a few, he reached down and gathered them up like a group of crickets. Shawn bringing his fist before his face felt all powerful as he saw legs, arms and a few heads sticking out between his fingers.

     Expanding the waistband to his shorts again, Shawn with his clenched fist deposited his catch with the other tiny man into his small pouch. He chuckled as he saw the squirming bulges in the small sack.  Shawn released the waistband.

     “Oh my God!” shouted many of the tiny people seeing what the titanic teen just did. “We are just tiny creatures to catch for their amusement.”

     “Guys,” said Shawn to his pals. “What a feeling. I have a group of these tiny human freaks now on me and as my pets.”

     One tiny man had enough of this treatment from the troublesome teenager. “I’m going to give that jerk a piece of my mind!”  Many of his friends advised against it. Not knowing what the colossal teen could or would do.  “I can’t take it anymore.”  The angry tiny man marched right up before the bottom of the lap. “Hey you! Let those people go!” he shouted.

     Shawn was enjoying the fact the tiny people in his pouch were his pets and servants to do whatever he wanted them to do when he became aware of the tiny man.  He could barely make out a piping sound. “So, what do you want?” asked Shawn who bent over and picked up the tiny man. Placing him down in his hand, Shawn asked again, “What do you want?” He still couldn’t make out what the guy wanted. When he saw the guy shaking a tiny fist at him, Shawn told the man, “Pretty silly of you to threaten someone who could crush you like an insect. And I think that is what I’m going to do.”  

     The tiny man with sickening clarity realized his friends were right. He stared up at the teenager’s face that filled his vision. He screamed when the teenager’s giant thumb came and pushed him down against the warm, leathery feeling skin of the gigantic palm. He could feel a pressure commence against his entire body

     Shawn stood up. Looking down at the tiny man pinned under his thumb, he told him, “I think I won’t squash you. I’ll make you a pet also. However, because of your insolence tiny man I have a special place to put you.” Picking up the frightened little guy between two fingers, Shawn moved his hand behind him. With his free hand, Shawn unzippered a small pocket that was between his backside and waist. Shawn pushed the tiny man into the tight enclosure and zippered it up.

     The tiny man found himself in a dark, hot place that had a rubbery smell. The miniscule man began to cry knowing there was no escape for him.

     Harv, meanwhile, had taken one of his white tube socks off.  “I’m going to get me some tiny people.”  Kneeling down, Harv bent over. With both hands on the ground, Harv began to move toward a group of tiny people huddled together in fear. “That’s it my pets stay right there.” When he was right over the toy size people, Harv sat back for a moment on his heels and stretched open the top of the sock. In a flash, Harv bent forward again and covered the tiny people with his sock. Gently closing the top with a hand, Harv turned the sock over. The eight tiny people rolled down the thick and slightly sweaty cotton to the bottom. Harv stood up. Lifting the sock up, Harv relished the site of his catch wiggling down at the base of his sock.

     Mike had removed his sneakers. The tiny folk with opened mouths looked up at the muscular titan wondering what he was going to do. Mike had thought of a novel way of catching some tiny people. Kneeling down, Mike with his two sneakers began to move toward a group of little people. When they started to run, Mike made a smirk. Giving them time to build up speed in their retreat, Mike all at once whipped the sneakers over and down before them. The tiny people caught by surprise ran into the maw of the sneakers.

     Mike stood up. The one group of five tiny people rolled over the insole. It had a smell of feet sweat. Mike gazed in and marveled at his catch. The other sneaker held two tiny people.

     Shawn and Harv who had been watching this whole affair in rapt attention came up to him. Shawn said, “Man, that sure was a different way to catch tiny people.” Mike just made a devilish grin.

     Wanting a few more tiny people to have, Mike caught three more. Two of them he placed on top of his head where the two struggling tiny guys sank out of sight into Mike’s light brown curly hair. The other one he shoved up his nose.  Harv laughed when he saw the two-minute legs sticking out of Mike’s left nostril kicking madly up and down.  Sitting down on the ground, Mike tipped his sneakers forward causing his new pets to roll down into the tip. He next put his sneakers back on. The little people in his sneakers were pressed against the front by his massive, sweaty socked feet.

     “Well, we best be getting going. We have what we came for,” said Shawn to his pals.  Gazing down at the tiny folk, Shawn told them, “This has been fun. Now we say adieux.”

     The tiny people watched as the three towering teens walked away. Walking away with many of their members. They could hear the loud, booming echoing laughter as they disappeared.

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Another great story Tim!  It made us remind the episode "The return of Inidu" from Land of the Giants, the scene where the giant teenagers torture the earthlings

Thank you so much for sharing it with us!