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Fourteen-year-old Relaqe was leaning up against the great, white marble column of the atrium. A warm wind came and gentle blew the straight locks of his thick brown hair. Gazing down, Relaqe noticed one of his human bug pets; that is what the youth of the planet Gucia called Earthlings. Relaqe’s tiny creature was trying to get up onto his left sandal. Stooping down, Relaqe squinting his turquoise colored eyes asked, “Cody my amusing pet how did you get down there?” Using his right thumb and forefinger, Relaqe picked up the very tiny and frail human and placed him on his sandal. “There, now stay put.” The diminutive Cody smiled up at his gargantuan, youthful master and waved an arm at him. Relaqe smiled. Cody quickly worked his body in-between two massive toes.

Standing back up, Relaqe waited for his friend Hudre. Shortly, Hudre appeared. “Greetings and good being citizen Relaqe,” said Hudre giving his friend a hardy wave.

“Greetings and good being my friend citizen Hudre,” replied Relaqe giving his buddy a warm hug.

Hudre’s eyebrows knitted together as he gazed down at Relaqe’s long dress apron. “Hmm,” said Hudre as he reached and plucked off a tiny moving object. “I believe this is yours,” spoke Hudre holding the squirming creature between two fingers.

“My pets seem very adventurous today,” commented Relaqe taking the very little human bug from his friend. “How did ever you get out? No matter, back with the others.” Relaqe moved his hand behind his off-white apron and put his straying pet into a small pouch attached to a thin brown belt above his salta (combination wraparound dress and shorts)

Hudre asked, “Do you have the pets for the tournament?”

“I do. There in this small pocket.” Relaqe showed his friend the small pocket attached to his off-white chlamys. All the progressive young teenagers wore this draping. Relaqe’s chlamys was also gold lined and ran elegantly down from his left shoulder to his right hip. It looked very striking against his bare muscular chest.

The two friends left the expansive atrium and headed for a public garden where the match would take place with Relaqe and Hudre’s other pals. On the way, Hudre asked, “Any communications from your brother? How is he enjoying his visit to Earth?”

“Oh, I think Equi likes it. Though he does miss home. He is very much enamored by the human bugs. I’m glad he went their collecting. The human bugs are dying off at quick rate.”

Hudre nodded his head. “Very fortunate for the human bugs we have been collecting them. And they do make great pets.”

“What else can they be good for?”

Many light years away on the dying world known as Earth, Relaqe’s ten-year-old brother Equi was sitting down on the parched landscape with several human bugs he had just captured. Equi gazed fondly down at the three human bugs standing in his right hand. The three human beings bent their heads back to look up at the youthful titan that had captured them. The titanic boy’s turquoise colored eyes glowed slightly. His wide and slightly pointed ears were rather endearing. The colossus had thick black hair that swept like a giant wave over his forehead. “He seems friendly enough,” remarked one man.

“Yes, he does. The giants that have been coming these few years never seem to want to harm us,” spoke another man.

A third man added, “To them we must be like mice. These young alien giants probably see us as little creatures to catch and keep as pets.” Suddenly the sound of gun fire commenced. The three young adults ran to the other end of the massive hand to see what was going on so far below. Five men with what appeared to be machine guns were attacking the titanic boy.
One of the men said, “They got to be kidding.” He then questioned, “Hey, I wonder if it is that same group that stole our food at gun point?”
“If it is, I hope the colossal boy crushes them,” remarked another man.

The five men shot at the feet of the colossal boy and raised their guns shouting and hooting. Gazing upwards they saw the gargantuan boy was dressed only in sandals and something that resembled a thick, red jock strap. The five men ran for the left foot and began to scale it.

Equi was perplexed by their action. “Do you really think you can harm me?” he asked. “They must be really stupid,” thought Equi. Seeing they had climbed up onto his left foot, Equi shook it. “Get off of me you vermin.”

The tiny men were flung into the air. And they fell back to the ground like bags of potatoes. Getting back onto their feet, the tiny man ran back to the colossal sandals firing their machine guns.

Meanwhile, two pets inside of a small pouch attached to the side of Equi’s loincloth tried to push up on the flap. Pushing their heads through the small opening, they looked down puzzled at was transpiring.

Equi amused at their futile and apparent mindless actions had enough. Closing his fingers over his new pets, Equi  lifting the flap to his side pouch, deposited them in with his other human bugs.  “Now to you pests.” Lifting his right sandal up, Equi moved it over the five men. In terror they stared up at the sky filling bottom of the sandal. He brought it down on them with a quick thud. Moving his sandal back and forth for a moment, Equi lifted up his sandal. All that remained of the men were five red blotches.

Running over the barren land, Equi went back to the encampment. He told his adult supervisor what had happened with the five, tiny human bugs. After, Equi met up with the other boys and told them about the three new human bugs he had caught.

Sitting down on cooling pads, the young boys wanted to play with their pets. Equi opened the side pouch and reaching in gathered up his pets. Placing his hand down on the ground, Equi opened his hand and watched his eight human bugs come tumbling out. One of his pets was crippled. Equi took a shine and special care of that human bug. “You can be up here with me my tiny beloved.” He placed it on his shoulder behind his left collar bone.

The tiny eighteen-year-old was very moved by the titanic boy’s care of him. The tiny pet thought, “The others might not understand but I love this titan.” Equi proceeded to play with his pets.

Back on planet Gucia, Relaqe joined his other pals in a very lush garden. Kneeling down around a circular glowing slab, the young teenagers took out their human bugs. Each boy used two pets they felt were the best fighters. Relaqe placed his two human bugs down on the slab. His buddy Hudre did the same.

The tiny human bugs were given padded weapons to use---not unlike what Marines use in combat training. Relaqe’s pets were placed by their master opposite their opponents; the pets of another titanic boy. The tiny pets looked up at their office building size master and the other gargantuan boys who looked down at them with a superior and somewhat haughty expression.  

When all the human bugs were set---the gladiatorial type games began. The colossal boys shouted as their pets fought one another. The miniscule pets used their padded ramming rods and nets to try and bring their opponent down.  The action was plenty as one pet would flip over his shoulders the pet of another colossal boy. Relaqe’s pet to his master’s great pleasure knocked his opponent down with his ramming rod. His other pet too did well. Relaqe was very pleased.

Hudre’s pet was thrown down to the ground by use of a net. “Oh,” shouted Hudre slamming a fist against his other hand in disappointment. Relaqe put an understanding hand on his pal’s shoulder. However, Relaqe noticed something that disturbed him immensely. The pet who knocked Hudre’s pet down was kicking and punching him. The master of the pet was just laughing.

Reaching down, Relaqe quickly removed the pet. “Relaqe, what do you think you’re doing?” asked the master of the errant pet whose name was Natue.

“Saving Hudre’s pet from your pet. Here, take him.” Natue took his pet. “What is wrong with you? None of our pets are supposed to get hurt in this. We all took an oath of honor to look after these semi-intelligent bugs. Why we went to Earth in the first place.” Speaking to Hudre, Relaqe asked, “Is your pet ok?”

“I think so. I will do a bio-alignment when I get back home,” replied Hudre who turned toward Natue and glared at him.

After some time, the friends talked amongst themselves. Later they went home. When Relaqe returned home, he gave his two human bugs something special to eat at feeding time. Relaqe too told his parents about how proud he was of his two pets.

At nightfall, Relaqe prepared for sleep. He removed his twelve human bugs from his pouch and placed them on his bed. Getting into simple night clothing, Relaqe climbed onto his bed. The human bugs looked up as they did every night at the titanic teenager’s well-formed body in awe.

Relaqe stretched out on his bed next to his miniscule human bugs. As he faded off to sleep, his pets began to find their sleeping arrangements. A few of his pets climbed up Relaqe’s mountainous pillow and walked over to their master’s cliff size face and leaned up against their young master’s huge, warm lips. The remaining pets nestled into the soft, warm pocket to his night shirt.

This was just one day in the life of a Guciaian teenage boy and his human bugs.

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It was an awesome story!

Thank you Tim!