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The Great Winged Ones To The Rescue!

Space---limitless and timeless. A vast playground of cosmic events. Roaring through this cosmic playground is a massive comet. This unsympathetic ball of rock and ice entered a new solar system. The solar system that cradled the planet known as earth.

Walking with his hands down the pockets to his denim pants, Mike one of the Great Winged Ones was with a casual acquaintance. “Hey Mike, where’s Randy?”

“He’s out on patro…I mean he had errands to do for his parents.”

The teen nodded his head. “Mike do you ever think about the Great Winged Ones?”

“Who wouldn’t think of them. They’re the greatest,” replied the sixteen year old Mike with pride.

“Yeah, they sure are. I wish I could meet one.”

Placing his huge strong hand on Dan’s shoulder, Mike replied, “Maybe someday you will.“
Flying over the upper atmosphere, Great Winged Randy concentrated his mind onto the thoughts of his pets down below. Sailing through the air on his great bat and reptilian wings, Randy began sensing a disturbance in the space beyond the Earth.

Meanwhile out in the Atlantic:

A large air craft carrier is swiftly moving through the waters. With the appearance of the Great Winged Ones these antiquate vestiges of hate and paranoia were becoming quickly obsolete. General alarms began sounding throughout the ship. “Radio contact sir,” replied promptly a radar technician.

“Is it an airborne intruder?” questioned the captain.

“Negative sir. It an object coming from beneath us. A massive object.”

“Could it be one of those Great Winged Ones.”

“The configurations do not match.”

The great ship suddenly experienced a great shock. “We are hit!“ shouted the First Mate. The lights began to flicker. Like a child’s plastic boat floating in a bathtub was the carrier that rocked madly from side to side. Emerging from the left side of the ship were two colossal, dark blue flippers that wrapped itself around the doomed vassal.

Mike stopped walking and shook his head. “Dude, you ok?” asked Dan.

“I think so I just had some impressions.”

Dan made a quizzical face as he replied, “Huh?”

Joining Mike and Dan was Bryan. Seeing his friend and fellow Great Winged One in distress Bryan questioned, “You ok. What’s wrong?”

“I’m cool. Whatever it was past,“ responded Mike.

Dan’s attention was abruptly switched when he saw squirming in the front pocket to Bryan’s blue hoodie. “What do you have there?”

“Oh, um, just some pets of mine I found. They needed some help and…”

Mike broke in, “Bryan’s a big marshmallow when it comes to our pets. He’s always bringing home strays he feels needs his help and nurturing.”

“Pets?” questioned Dan.

Looking into Dan’s eyes intently, Mike answered, “Yes, our pets.”

“Mike likes to walk his pets and spend time with them,” added Bryan with a grin.

Dan made a worried face, “You guys are freaking me out.”

“Ha, ha,” chuckled Mike. “We’re just fooling with ya.”

“Glad to hear it. Hmm, it’s strange.“

Bryan asked, “What is?“

“I always feel safe around you guys.”


Soaking rain had brought disaster to the region. In a flooded neighborhood families struggled for life atop the roofs of their homes. They waited for the already overtaxed rescue boats to save them. A small boy who had strapped to his back those popular plastic replica wings of the Great Winged Ones shivered with cold. “I’m hungry.”

Placing a fatherly hand on his young son’s head, the father responded, “I know son. We all feel that way.”

“I wish the Great Winged Ones would come,” spoke the boy. Standing up the boy suddenly shouted, “Please help us!!” Removing his plastic wings from off his back the boy gazed upon on it. On one wing was printed: An authentic replica of The Great Winged One Bryan. “Please Bryan save us!!”

Making rapid eye moments and a worried expression, Bryan told Mike and Dan, “I have to take a leak.“ And Bryan ran off.

The waters were soon encroaching at the edges of the roofs. The plastic wings the little boy was holding began to glow. It became so intense he had to shut his eyes.

Reopening his eyes, the boy, his family and neighbors found themselves in light. Slowly the light faded. All around the confused people were towers. As the light continued to decrease what they first thought were towers, instead, turned out to be gigantic fingers. The little boy bending his head back saw through the lessening light the colossal face of a Great Winged

One. “Winged Bryan?“ The great benign face nodded.

Great Winged Bran stepping over the half submerged town placed the people on dry land. With his mighty hands, Winged Bryan began scooping up the rest of the town folk. Spreading his enormous bat and reptilian wings, the half a mile high Winged Bryan concentrated cosmic energy to drive back the waters. Taking in a deep breath, Winged Bryan exhaled and dried the town.

“Thank you Winged Bryan,” hollered the little boy. Winged Bryan gave him the giant thumbs up. Carefully flapping his impressive wings, Great Winged Bryan lifted up into the sky.


Gliding out into space at one hundred miles in diameter, Winged Randy spotted the rogue comet zooming for earth. Not wanting to take any chances, Winged Randy mind messaged Justin for help.

Justin was in a comic bookstore when he received the message from Randy. “Justin, a comet is on a collision course with earth. I think before it gets too close and upsets our pets we need to stop it.”

“Oh !#$%,” mind messaged Justin.

Randy replied, “Yeah, I feel the same. What away to spend a Saturday.”

“Do you think we should call Mike? He’s the strongest of us,” replied Justin.

“Nay, we can handle it.”

The owner of the comic book store happened to glance up and watch Justin walking behind a freestanding bookrack. It was one of those cylindrical racks that you can turn around. When Justin did not emerge from behind it, the owner scratched his head. After a few minutes he came from behind his counter and walked around the bookrack. Justin was no where to be seen.

Joining Randy above the earth was Winged Justin. The two using their great wings moved at incredible speed for the comet.

The ball of ice and rock loomed before them. “!$%^,” that’s huge,” commented Justin

“Yeah,” responded Randy. “We better increase our size.“ Using their wings to tap into the cosmic forces, Randy and Justin expanded to one thousand miles in length. They used their great wings to create an anti-gravity net. “Ok, here it comes,” said Randy.

When the great ball of death collided with the hands of the Great Winged Ones, the comet sent out high frequencies that shortly the trackers on earth would pick up.
The two Great Winged ones flapped madly their wings as they struggled to slow it down.

“Hey, this is kind of fun,” remarked Justin. “Maybe in the future, the four of us could play ball with other comets.”

“Yeah, beats video games.”

When the two winged titans had stopped the comet, Randy and Justin wrapped their wings around it. Concentrating their energy, they shrank the massive comet down to the size of a marble. Taking his thumb and forefinger, Randy flicked the comet back out of the solar system. “Hey, I’m hungry. When we get back lets go to, MB’s Best Beef,” suggested Justin.

“Sounds cool. I could go for a large strawberry shake and hamburger.”


Mike and Dan were coming to part of the park were the skateboarders hangout. “See that guy in the orange helmet with those two others“ said Dan.


“That is guy who beat me up and stole my skateboard.”

Mike asked, “How come you never told me Dan? I would have gotten it back for you.”

“Yeah, I know Mike. But I, well, I was embarrassed. I felt like a sissy. !#$%, I even cried.”

Mike replied, “Dude, that guy is a gorilla. Plus he had his pals with him.“ Smacking his two fists together Mike added, “I hate bullies.“ Mike began receiving thoughts. The scared thoughts of many people. “Dude, I need to leave for a while.“

“I understand Mike. Sorry I sounded like a wimp.“

“Shut up. Your not. Your only a wimp if you talk like that. Before I go I will give you something very special to play with.” Mike shut his fist and his eyes When he opened his eyes, Mike made a mischievous smile. “Here, I think you can have fun watching them entertain you for a while.” Mike opened his had.

“!#$%! Mike,” spoke Dan with wide eyes. Standing bewildered in Mike’s palm were the three bully skateboarders. They began squeaking in fear. With anger in his voice, Dan said, “Hey, I see one of them holding my skateboard. Little bug. Maybe I should crush him like one.” High pitch piping began.

“Dan, you can have them for a while. But, I ask you and trust you not to harm them. Right?”

“I won’t Mike.” Removing his stare from the three tiny bullies, Dan looked up at Mike. “Your a great winged one?”

Mike nodded his head. Speaking to the three shrunken bullies, Mike told them, “You better do as Dan says. Or you’ll stay that size permanently. And live your lives out as his pets.“

“We will, we will,” squeaked the bug size bullies. “We will never bother anyone again.”

Speaking to Dan, Mike said, “Bullies always say that after you shrink them.“

Mike tipped his hand. Dan with glee and fascination watched the three creeps roll into his hand. “Ok dude gotta go.” And Mike literally vanished.

Standing above a coastline city was as an enormous creature. The aquatic beast, part squid and manta ray swung its four, dark blue flippers and tentacles at several high rise buildings---reducing them to rubble. People screamed as they ran down the streets. The creature began its path of destruction.

A huge shadow appeared over the frightened city. Coming down on the whooshing sounds of his wings was the Great Winged One Mike. The tiny populace began to cheer. Grabbing the back of the colossal, slimy beast, Mike said in a roar, “No one or no thing crushes my pets.“ And Mike flipped it over his head and back into the sea. Turning and jumping into the water, Mike went to do battle. The monster’s tail whipped out and wrapped around Mike’s neck.

As Mike was battling the aquatic creature, Dan was enjoying his time with his temporary pets. The three bullies made faces of anxieties when they moved around the fifty foot size airwalks. They especially made groans of concern when Dan stood towering over them. Dan couldn’t resist stepping slowly over them. Giving them a fright.

Before the still dazed citizens was the colossal form of Winged Mike as he did battle with the creature. Breaking himself free of the creature’s tail, Mike began pounding it in the chest with his fists. “Where the !#$% did you come from?” Mike asked rhetorically.

The creature as Winged Mike began to weaken it made several lamenting chirps. Pushing it further back into the sea, Mike said under his breath, “I’m sorry, I can’t let you live. You will only attack again.”

Wrapping its tentacles around Winged Mike in one last attempt for survival, the creature tightened its grip. “Aaaahhhh bellowed Winged Mike. Wrapping his wings around part of the creature, Mike’s impressive bat and reptilian wings began to glow red. “In a way I’m sorry I have to do this.” Tightening his grip with his wings, Mike sent massive bolts of matter changed particles into the creature disintegrating it. In a mere few seconds the creature was ashes floating on top of the ocean.

Winged Mike returned to the city. Kneeling down next to the city like a kid kneeling next to a model train set, Winged Mike began removing rubble and debris to find and remove the survivors. He used his powers to heal many. One skyscraper that had been damaged began listing to the side. People down on the ground before it shouted in terror. Their terror changed to celebration and relief as Winged Mike’s hand stopped its progress.

Dan sitting cross-legged on the cement was having his tiny bullies jumping over his hands.

“So how are they?” asked Mike coming up behind Dan.

“Great Mike. They’re very obedient.”

Mike made a sliver of a smile, “Bullies for the most part are obedient when the level of power is shifted. And usually you can see them as the cowards they are.”

Reaching down, Dan to the scared squeaks of the bullies picked them up one at a time said, “I wish I could keep them. I don’t suppose they will ever really change. Might be better for them and everyone else if they stay small.” Extreme, frantic piping commenced from Dan’s palm.

“Say what Dan. I’ll let you keep them for twenty four hours. At the end of that period they will materialize back here.”

“Thanks Mike.“

Mike reminded Dan, “I don’t need to mention that I expect humane treatment of them.”

“You don’t Mike,” replied Dan who placed the three bullies down the side pocket to his sweatpants.

Inside the cavernous pocket, the three bullies began arguing and punching each other over whose idea was it to hassle Dan. Feeling the squirming in his pocket, Dan reached in and pulled them out. “Hey, what are you guys doing?”

“Please Dan, lets us go. We know your a cool dude,” they pleaded..

“I will in twenty four hours. So go with the team.” When they started beating up on each other again, Dan said loudly, “Hey, cool it. If you don’t stop, you can ride in one of my sweaty sneakers“. The bullies shut right up. Dan smiled loving the authority. The bullies once more tumbled down into the darkness of the pocket.

Slapping Dan’s back, Mike said, “Enjoy your day with your pets.”

“Thanks Mike. I mean Great Winged Mike.”

“Yeah ok. Just keep it our secret.” Dan nodded.

A few hours later, Randy, Bryan Justin and Mike met up at MB’s Beast Beef. They talked about what they had done over fries, shakes and hamburgers. After, the teenage pals went to an amusement center to play pinball.

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Another great story!

Thank you so much Tim!