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The Great Winged One Bryan: Justice and Deliverance.

A little girl weakly crawled through the wet mud from the recent rainstorm over to her hunched over father. The father had his fingers from his bony right hand grasping the wire fence. Grabbing on to her father’s shirt the little girl weakly said, “Daddy, daddy.” The little girl in fear turned away from her father for a moment when she heard the sloshing of the guard’s boots making their way through the mud. Pressing her tiny face back against her father’s side, “Daddy why can’t anyone help us?”

Bryan was walking home with Justin, Randy and Mike after school when he felt a disturbance in the life flow of his pets. He stopped walking. “Bryan what’s wrong?” asked Justin.

“Don’t you feel it?”

“No,” replied Justin. Mike and Randy also said they didn’t sense anything.

“I have. Its very strong. It’s the voices of many. And they are crying out in horror and surprise. I have to go.”

With annoyance in his voice Mike asked, “How come with my powers, I can’t pick those things up?”

“Bryan seems in harmony with the hearts of our pets maybe more than the rest of us. He has always been a sensitive sort,” said Randy.

“Hey, don‘t make me out to be some weird, bleeding heart flop.“

“Noooo, I mean it in a good way.”

Smacking his two fists together, Mike asked Bryan, “You think you’ll need any help?”

“I think I’ll be ok. I have better command of my powers now.”

“Yeah,” added Justin. “But I know you Bryan. You have a temper. Especially if innocent people have been brutalized.”

“I’ll try and keep it under control. Ah Mike, if you can do me the honors.”

“Sure thing dude,” replied Mike who began concentrating on Bryan. Slowly the teen vanished. “There, I have him all set in the upper-atmosphere.”

Randy noticed Mike had a clenched fist. “Ok Mike who do you have now?”

“No one.”

“Come on Mike.”

Mike lifted his right hand up. Opening his clenched fist, he had a group of tiny Cheerleaders in his palm. “I thought they were cute. Thought they might enjoy entertaining me while I did my homework. And I would send them back after.”

Randy smirking and shaking his head, “Entertain you?”

“Yeah, while I worked they could jump and dance cheering me on.”

Randy replied, “Ok, but don’t forget to return the little honeys back to their homes when your done.”

“I won’t.” Looking down at his tiny Cheerleaders, “You hear that you can spend sometime with Big Mike.”

One cheerleader in brown pigtails, started jumping and waving her pompoms around. “Yeah Winged Mike. Go Wing Mike!!” squeaked the miniature cheerleader. Justin and Randy laughed.

They after became somber as they looked up into the sky hoping Bryan’s mission would go well.

High in the Earth’s atmosphere, Bryan now extended to two miles in length propelled by his great bat and reptilian wings---zoomed to the area he sensed needed his help. Speaking in a mind message to his familiar Nathan who was in his pants pocket, Bryan said, “Justin’s right Nat, I do have a temper if I see anyone cruelly hurt. I don’t want to strike out at others.”

“I trust you’ll do the right thing Bryan. Just always keep in mind; don’t have the innocent suffer with the bad.”

“I certainly don’t want to punish the good with the bad. Well my companion, I trust your help.”

“Master you know you have it.”

The great winged form of Bryan entered over the area of the Eastern Bloc country. His magnificent wings vaporizing and scattering the clouds in their wake. In the dim light of the new day, early morning trade and businessmen saw the impressive, if not fear inducing form of Bryan as he blotted out the sky. “Its true then,” muttered a street vendor with some little fear as he looked up to the deep rumbling sound of the titan’s magnificent wings.

“All true.”

Bryan felt the painful heartbeats of fear increasing in his being. A squadron of jet fighters that were dispatched by the country converged on attack course with the Great Winged One. Sensing them, Bryan mind messaged the pilots, “I’m not hear to attack your country. I’m on a rescue mission. Go back to your base, go back.” Succumbing to the will of the Great Winged Teen, the fighters dispersed. “Ha, ha boy I love it when I do that,” commented Bryan to Nathan with glee as he watched the fighters veer away under his power.

“Master Bryan you are one of the Great Winged Ones after all,” replied Nathan.

Nearing a small industrial city nestled in a valley, Bryan reduced his size to only three hundred feet. Immediately outside of the city was a small complex. It was this complex Bryan picked up the intense feelings of suffering. In his mind he picked up the youthful thoughts of the little girl. “I hear you. I’m on my way,“ mind massaged Bryan.

The little girl who wrapped her arms around her father’s leg as the guard kicked him away from the fence, heard the message. Somewhat bewildered and frightened, she spoke out loud and in tears, “Please save my daddy.”

Moving into a vertical position, Bryan descended to outside of the compound. His great wings stirred up dust and debris. Many cars and trucks were blown away under the current of air generated by the wings. Bryan came settling down upon his knees. The giant teen was overwhelmed with the intense feelings of pain he felt. Under the lights of floods, Bryan saw a group of people both male and female lined up against a brick wall. Guards who had their rifles pointed at them now upon the titan’s arrival began to turn and take flight like so many scared mice into the buildings. With the increase illumination of the rising sun, Bryan saw the bodies of many hanging from gallows. Starved, broken people wondered around aimlessly in tattered clothing. And many were children. They were near death. “What kind of hell is this?” roared Bryan.

Nathan in the darkness of Bryan’s pocket, saw in his own mind what his master saw. “Master Bryan,” mind messaged Nathan. “This is a concentration camp. A camp for ethnic cleansing.” Bryan’s eyes filled with water and mounting rage. Under the gallows Bryan saw the limp shapes of children mourning their parents who had been hung. Bryan’s great body began to glow red with fury. “My master, now is not the time for anger. You have the still living ones to save.“

“Thank you wise friend,“ mind messaged Bryan in reply. Calming himself down, Bryan lowered his hand down in the center of the barbed wire and brick walled courtyard. The victims feeling the compassion and power of Bryan reached up with both hands hoping to touch his flesh. Bryan moved his hand over them sending strength into their broken bodies. Ever so gently, Bryan gathered the tortured people into his huge hand. Trying to find the little girl whose messaged he received, Bryan found her huddled over with who had to be her father at the far end of the courtyard of horror. Taking his enormous index finger, Bryan placed it over the two. A blue shimmering light flowed out from the tip and over the little girl and her father.

The little girl feeling the strength returning to her looked up at the bottom of the glowing finger. “You came.”

“I did. I will soon take you and the others to a beautiful place.” Placing the little girl and her father in a life preserving sphere, Bryan placed it into his shirt pocket.

Bryan willed the guards to remove the other victims from the buildings and onto his giant hand. Once they all have been gathered, Bryan placed them as he did with the little girl and her father into a preserving sphere. He would carry them back in his pocket and once back home, Bryan would place them in his dresser drawer where he had created a Pastoral Zone for them to live in peace and happiness till the great time of transformation.

The brutality of what Bryan saw did not pass. He was in the process of standing when from the roof top of the compound a group of guards began firing rapid fire machine guns at him. Bryan smiled. Moving his face in over the men, Bryan began inhaling through his mouth. The men screamed as they were sucked into his cavernous maw. Taking a deep sniff with his nose, Bryan mixed the guards with phlegm. He next spat them out as a living hocker into the side of a mountain.

As Bryan became fully erect he unfurled his wings that made a loud, thundering boom that reverberated for hundreds of miles. Remembering what his familiar told him, Bryan let those who had no blood on their hands or soul in terms of the camp leave both the compound and the city. For the rest---punishment.

Several helicopters with cameras came onto the scene. Bryan mind messaged then and conveyed on what he found and did. Mind messaging the world, Bryan told his pets, “There are things I will not tolerate. You all can live your lives as you please. But if you inflict danger and death on others then you must pay and expect to get your butt kicked.“

Bryan increased his size to six hundred feet. He began crushing the compound with his fists. He rammed the brick walls into the ground with his foot. Spotting movement out of the corner of his eye, Bryan stood back up. Running away were the guilty frightened guards and personnel of the compound. They ran past his huge sneakers. Bryan lifted them up and slammed them down upon the people. A group of other guilty ones were blown many yards by the concussion of the great sneaker. Getting up they felt secured until they saw the bottom of the giant sole coming down above them. One guilty tiny Bryan picked up between his fingers. The tiny guard wailed in fright. Bryan studied him for a moment then threw him away like a useless candy wrapper to his doom.

Lifting himself back up into the air, Bryan next concentrated on the city. Spreading his wings, Bryan gathered the forces from the cosmic winds. The city clear of the innocent ones, Bryan began shooting from his wings orange flaming balls that made loud whistling sounds as they traveled to their targets. The landscape was alive with the explosive sounds of Bryan’s rage. From great distances the destruction of the city could be seen. Anxious cameramen from their helicopters shot the impressive and frightening destruction. Under the glow of fire and rising smoke was the colossal God like image of Bryan hovering over the disintegrating city. Many begged Bryan for mercy. “What about those who you knew were innocent begging for mercy in the compound? And all because they were different from you,” responded Bryan. The guilty citizenry just fell to their knees among the flames.

“Now for the end,” said Bryan somewhat sadly and resolutely under his breath. Rising higher into the sky, Bryan shot a salvo of cosmic fire down upon the demolished city. After a few seconds all that was left of the city was a darkened outline and a few stray foundations. And only the silence spoke. It was absolute.

With a vigorous beating of his wings, Bryan shot high into the sky. “I really hope our pets will get the idea into their heads after this.“

“We can only hope Bryan.”

Justin, Randy and Mike received a mind messaged from Bryan that he was returning. Justin was in a convenient store when he received the message. Matt, Justin’s familiar who was hidden in the folds of the hood to his master’s sweat jacket crawled up on top of the thick boarder to the hood and looked out. He noticed two young boys fooling around. Climbing back over the folds of the fleece material, Matt nearing the neck reached up and pulled on Justin’s left ear lobe “Hey, check out the two young kids. I think you will get a kick out of it.“ Justin nodded his house size (to matt) head. Justin observed how the two young boys had cardboard cutouts strapped to their backs and pretended to be the Great Winged Ones.

Back in his own bedroom, Bryan went over to his dresser opening the top drawing. There nestled near a pile of socks and tee-shirts was the Pastoral Zone. Taking the preserving spheres from out of his pockets, Bryan placed them in the zone that had a people friendly forest. Several ponds to swim in. Open fields with apple trees and berry bushes. And a lovely waterfall. “You’ll be safe and happy in there. Later after the great transformation of my fellow Winged Ones, I’ll bring you back out in a better world.”

After Bryan closed the drawer and turned around he had a shock. Standing in his room were, Randy, Justin and Mike. “Dudes, I didn’t hear you guys come in.”

“You can thank Mike for that,” replied Randy. “Anyway, we want to welcome you back. You were tough but I think fair Bryan.”

“Thanks Randy.”

Being now dark out, the four friends left Bryan’s house and went down to the local gym to play a game of indoor basketball.

The End
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Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!