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Here you can write your stories about giant boys, please be sure to follow the rules about giant boys stories:

1.- Giant Boys can be toddles, kids, boys, teens or older teens.
2.- Giantess, giant girls and giant adult ugly male are prohibited.
3.- About giant adult males, they could be included but they have to be very handsome and they'll have a little participation in the story.
4.- Tiny boys are prohibited, unless in the extreme case they have interaction with another boy, but the giant boy can't be bully type (ugly and fat) and the tiny boys can't die or being maltreated or tortured.
5.- It's completly prohibited including scenes about: sex, pornography, or naked boys.
6.- Stomping, crushing, vore or unaware crushing (barefoot, in sandals, etc.) are allowed.

The stories which don't follow any or all the rules above mentioned, will be deleted.

Giant Boys Zone Team.