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     Wayne with panting breath ran toward the two-towering youth. He knew this was risky but he was desperate.   He was hungry. His group of shrunken people had fallen on hard times and sought their only possible recourse ---find help from the gargantuan people.  The two giant youths he sought were just standing and in conversation. As Wayne neared the back to a pair of frighteningly huge sneakers, he looked behind him.  His two pals from the group who had gone out with him, were nowhere to be seen. “They must have fallen behind. I should have kept a better eye on them,” said Wayne to himself.

     “Hey, that was a great game,” said eleven-year-old Mitch to his pal Donny.

     “Yeah, sure was.”  Donny wasn’t aware of it, but a very tiny man had just made his way to the back of his blue and white stripped sneakers.

     Wayne was in awe of the colossal boy. His dark blue and light blue colored sweatpants rose high into the sky.  “Man, he’s so gigantic,” thought Wayne. He started to get second thoughts. However, his gurgling stomach changed his mind.  Marching right up to the back of the fearsome sneaker, Wayne began to scale it.

     Separating the giant blades of grass, Carlos and Rob peered out. There was no one to be seen on the massive sidewalk.  “We lost him,” remarked Carlos sadly.  “Maybe a giant caught him.”

     “I don’t know. Let’s go on a little further,” suggested Rod. Carlos and Rod ventured out onto the seemingly endless sidewalk. They hoped they would come across something or someone that would help them to get food.

     Wayne was more than halfway up the colossal boy’s leg. Looking down he felt dizzy for a moment as he saw how high he was.  Pressing his face against the thick, blue fleece material, Wayne wiped the sweat of his exertions off.  Hoping this was his chance, Wayne started pulling on the material and started shouting, “Hey!  Help! I need your help!”  There was no response from the giant boy.  The two colossal youths continued their conversation.  “The pant leg must be too loose for the kid to feel me,” thought Wayne. Gazing upward, Wayne saw the boy’s immense backside and back pocket. The material was taut at that point. He began his trek back up the boy’s pant leg.
     Carlos and Rod came upon a red container. From the smell that emanated from it they figured it had to have had French Fries. Rod and Carlos hoped there were some left. Thinking more with their stomachs than their instincts the two tiny people went to investigate. They crawled inside of the box.

     Wayne, meanwhile, had reached the bottom of the giant back pocket. He was about to pull and bang a fist on the warm, taut fleece when movement started.  The colossal boys had ended their conversation and were separating. “Aaaa!!” screamed Wayne to the giant movements of the boy. Wayne could hear the vast amount of sweatpants whooshing to the huge strides of the gargantuan boy. Wayne hung on as best he could as the huge amount of mass Infront of him changed with each step.

     Donny was looking forward to getting back home. He looked down at his new blue and white sneakers his parents had bought for him several days before. “Cool,” said Donny under his breath. “It feels like I’m walking on air.” Little did the eleven-year-old boy know he had a tiny, scared, little man clinging for dear life to his backside.

     It was a big disappointment for Carlos and Rod. Except for a few tiny bits of stale crumbs, the box was empty. On his knees, Rod put his hands to his face and started to weep. “We’re just going to starve to death.”

    “Hey man, its ok. We’ll find something,” said Carlos trying to comfort his pal.  Both tiny little people being tired and hungry failed to notice the increasing tremor beneath them.  

     Crawling out of the carton, a blue and white giant object came crashing down next to them. The impact caused Carlos and Rod to fall down.  After a moment when their heads cleared, both gave out a shriek. On either side of them were two terrifyingly big sneakers. Footwear was a big dread for the tiny people. They knew what it could mean to them. It wasn’t uncommon for a colossal person to inadvertently step on a tiny person.

     “Wow, tiny people,” said Donny excitedly. “Boy, you’re so tiny. I have crushed bugs bigger than you.”  Donny began to stoop down.  He sent a cushion of air onto the tiny people as his great mass came to rest over them. He noticed they were struggling to get up. “You hurt tiny ones? I will help you.”  With adrenaline of exhilaration surging through his body, Donny reached for the tiny people.

     Carlos and Rod, hugging each other out of fear watched as the enormous hand reached down for them. “I-I-I hope he’s a good kid,” said Carlos closing his eyes just before the adult tree width fingers wrapped around them.

     “Gee, it’s like picking up toy action figures,” commented Donny as with great ease he gathered the two tiny people up in his hand.  Standing back up, Donny looked at his clenched fist for a moment. It was strange to think he had living people in his grasp. Opening his hand up, Donny marveled over his catch.  “Hey, I’m Donny.”

     Carlos and Rod looked up at the Mount Rushmore size face. Carlos observed despite its gigantic proportions it was a boy’s face. The color of the giant boy’s skin was light brown. Two moon size, clear dark eyes gazed down upon them. Above the huge, black eyebrows was a forest of wavy, black and light brown hair. Feeling the painful spasms of hunger, Carlos struggled to his feet. He motioned to his mouth and stomach.

     Donny still elated over his tiny human catch noticed the gesturing of one of the tiny people. He narrowed his eyes. “You hungry?” asked Donny. The tiny man nodded in reply. “I got a power bar in my pocket.” Looking around, Donny spotted a park bench. He walked over to it.

     Wayne who had been hanging onto the boy’s backside through all this looked down when he felt he was in descent.  “Oh my God!” shouted Wayne. He saw the boy was going to sit down. “Wait! Wait! Noooo!!” These were his last words.

     Donny nether heard the tiny man’s screaming or the crushing of his body. Placing his hand over his lap, Donny tipped it. He watched his two tiny people roll off his hand and unto the blue fleece material. The folds of warm, soft fabric dwarfed the two tiny people.  Reaching into a pocket, Donny pulled out the power bar. He unwrapped it and broke off tiny pieces that he set down before the two tiny humans. With wide eyes and with mouths that dripped with saliva, Carlos and Rod grabbed the tiny morsels and began to eat. It was moist and gooey.  Donny tilted his head from side to side as he watched them eat. A smile appeared on his face. Donny was pleased.

     When his two tiny people had finished eating, Donny told them, “I better be getting home.”  Effortlessly, Donny reached down and gathered the two, squirming people up with his fingers. Standing up, Donny slid his hand into his right pocket and released the tiny people. They screamed as they rolled down the soft inner-lining into a cavernous, warm, dark abyss. When they had finally settled at the bottom of the pocket, Carlos and Rod found themselves with other belongings of the giant boy. Mainly, manhole cover size coins. What Carlos and Rob didn’t understand at the moment they were now Donny’s new found possessions.

     Walking back home, Donny would occasionally look down at his pocket. He was looking forward in getting them home.  “This is so cool!”

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Absolutely awesome!  We love your stories because you detail them so well that we can imagine ourselves inside the stories!

And of course we'd love you could continue it! We'd love to know what happen with the hungry tiny men in the Donny's room!

Thank you for sharing your incredible stories with us!