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My Giant Boy Master Sammy


(A tale Of A Boy’s Love for His pet And the Love of a Pet for His Master)

     Eight-year-old Sammy began to stir. He was waking up from a sound sleep. After a couple of minutes of moving his head and body from side to side, he kicked off the sheets and blankets from off of him. Shortly, he began to feel a slight tickling sensation on his lower abdomen. Unzipping the front to his light blue one-piece pajamas, Sammy reached in. For a moment he searched around until finding his small pet. Sammy coiled his fingers around the tiny, warm, soft pet of his. Removing his hand, Sammy brought his clenched fist before his face. He turned around his fist relishing the fact of what was trapped in his hand. Sammy could feel his pet squirming against his fingers. Opening his hand, he watched with rapt attention the tiny man fall onto the thick folds of his pajamas.

     Sixteen-year-old Calvin stood up on the thick, fleece material. He shook his head. Even though he doesn’t mean to be, Calvin found Sammy could be a bit rough in handling him. However, Calvin was indebted to his colossal boy master for saving his life and nursing him back to health. Calvin would like to repay the boy for his care. All he could do was to be an obedient and fun pet. Calvin knew the boy would never let him go. And part of Calvin would not want to leave him. He knew of the sorrow that haunted his boy master.

     Rising up before and around Calvin were large folds of the pajamas. Printed on the light blue material in black were the images of wolf’s heads. Printed all over the pajamas were these images.  Crawling up and over the folds, Calvin saw rising out of the huge collar, Sammy’s gigantic neck.

     Sammy gazed down at his living toy with fondness.  Placing an index finger down before his pet, Sammy asked, “Did you sleep well?”

     Calvin nodding his head and shouted up, “I did master!”  Strange as it was, Calvin did sleep well.  He was safe and tucked away in the boy’s pajamas. Lost on Sammy’s gargantuan form. Calvin knew he was something precious in the eyes of the boy who valued him. Wrapping his tiny arms half way around the adult tree width and tall finger, Calvin kissed it with reverence. “Isn’t being valued as something special by another even as a pet something great and to be grateful for? And doesn’t it give meaning to our existence,” thought Calvin.  However, Calvin knew Sammy like all boys could be mischievous. There had been times he was dropped into one of Sammy’s socks and Sammy would put his sock on pinning him against his foot. There were many times he slept this way.  Or being strapped to Sammy’s sneaker or sandal like some form of foot jewelry.

     Calvin watched as his master removed his finger. Bending his head back, Calvin tried to look up at the amazingly gigantic boy. Even though he had high minded thoughts of being this boy’s pet, Calvin did feel like a worthless insect at times by how tiny he was compared to his boy owner.

     Picking his pet up, Sammy never ceased to be astonished by such a tiny person. He too felt sad for him. Sammy knew it would take nothing to squish his pet between his fingers or flatten him out like a fly under a flyswatter. “He’s lucky I found him,” thought Sammy. “I have heard of other boys throwing firecrackers at the tiny people.”  Sammy pressed his minuscule man against his cheek. Calvin found himself sinking into the warm, smooth flesh of his master.

     Removing his pet from his cheek, Sammy placed his tiny human possession in his hand. It was hard to believe this insect size person was sixteen years old. But that is what his pet had told him. Sammy’s face grew tense. He closed his fingers over his pet. His mind went to his brother Joe. “He was sixteen too. I wish I could have saved him like my pet,” thought Sammy choking up.  

     In the hot and slightly moist darkness of the hand, Calvin could hear some deep sobs.  When the light flooded in as his master opened his hand, Calvin had to cover his eyes for a minute. Opening his eyes, Calvin looked up many stories and saw rivers of tears flowing down his master’s humongous face. “Your brother again?” shouted up Calvin. Getting no response, Calvin figured his master didn’t hear him. When he saw his master look down at him with his teary eyes, Calvin extended his arms out to his master. When he was lifted high up to the front of master’s face, Calvin shouted again, “Your brother?” The giant boy nodded his head. “I wish I could say something to free you of your grief. But it takes time my young giant!”  Sammy nodded.

     For a few minutes, Sammy sat on the edge of his bed with his pet in his hand. At one point he gazed over at a picture on his dresser. It showed him with his brother Joe clowning around. Sammy sighed. Calvin sat in the mighty hand of the youth wishing he could relieve the boy’s suffering.

     Standing up, Sammy placing his pet on top of his head went to the bathroom to clean up. When he was going to brush his teeth, Sammy placed Calvin on his tooth brush. Sammy chuckled at the comical sight that his tiny pet made. Calvin sitting on the handle hung on tight while his master brushed his teeth. Back and forth he went as Sammy cleaned his teeth. It was one wild ride---one which brought joy to his young master.

     Returning to his bedroom, Sammy changed out of his pajamas and put on his clothes. With his pet in the breast pocket of his red and black checkered flannel shirt, Sammy went downstairs to have breakfast. Calvin ate his breakfast out of the top to an empty aspirin bottle that Sammy’s mother provided.

     It was Saturday and Sammy was going to go over next door to his friend Ricky’s house to play. It was a gray and cold winter day. Leaving his pet on the kitchen table, Sammy went to get his winter coat and gloves.  After he left the kitchen, Sammy’s mother spoke to her son’s pet.  “You have been a great blessing to my son. He finds great joy in you and loves you very much. I think that has helped him in this grief period. Both my husband and I are very grateful.”

     “Sammy is a remarkable boy. I am the one who should be grateful. If he hadn’t found me, I would have surely died!” shouted Calvin to the gargantuan mother.

     When Sammy came back, he had his gray winter jacket on and was holding his gloves. “Have a good time dear,” said the mother.

     “I will.” Gazing down at his pet, a smirk appeared on Sammy’s face. Seeing the look of mischief on his master’s face, Calvin knew something was up. Reaching down and picking his pet up by the left, tiny arm, Sammy dropped his pet into the index finger enclosure of his right glove.  Calvin found himself ensconced in the dark and woolly interior of the gauntlet. Sammy giggled as he put on his glove. Feeling his pet against the tip of his finger, Sammy wiggled it slightly. Lifting his glove up, Sammy looked at with wonder knowing there was a tiny person in it. “And he’s mine,” thought Sammy with affection.

     Leaving the house, Sammy ran over to his pal’s home. After ringing the bell at the back door, Ricky’s mother opened the door. Ricky coming around from behind his mother said, “Hi Sammy! We can play in the family room.”  The two young boys hurried down the stairs to the basement. When they came to the full paneled family room, Ricky asked, “Did you bring your pet?”

     “Yeah,” replied Sammy. Taking off his right glove, Sammy tipped it over his left hand. His pet came tumbling out of the glove onto his hand.

     “That’s so cool!” exclaimed Ricky. “You’re so lucky to have your own human pet. Oh, you can take your coat off and put it on the sofa.” Sammy went over to a small table that had toys on top of it and placed his pet down on it. He then went over to an old beat up white sofa and threw his jacket on it. “Hey Sammy, I want to show you my new game tablet my dad got me.” Sammy went over to Ricky.

     Surrounded by towering toys and stuffed animals, Calvin looked over at the two boys. Even from a distance they looked like giant young Gods.  When his master was at a distance, Calvin could always get a good look of his master Sammy. His master had a roundish face. Many red freckles surrounded his small and rather long and slim nose. He had huge puffy cheeks. And when he smiled, Sammy had very deep and prominent dimples. Sammy had big, brown thoughtful looking eyes. To Calvin’s sadness, Sammy’s eyes also conveyed deep suffering. And capping his head, Sammy had medium length reddish and brown hair.

     Wanting to see how his pet was, Sammy went over to the table and looked down at his pet. Calvin gazed upward at his titanic master who was smiling down at him. He smiled back.

     Turning around he asked Ricky, “Can I use your bathroom? I need to pee.”

     “Sure, go ahead.”   After Sammy left the room, Ricky went over to the table Calvin was on.

     When Sammy came back, he saw Ricky sitting in a recliner with his feet up. Ricky was in his stocking feet. Sammy went over to the table to check on his pet. When he didn’t see him, he started to look around the toys. Not finding his pet, Sammy becoming anxious, started removing the toys from off the table. “Ricky, I can’t find my pet!”

     “He’s ok. Your pet is with me,” replied Ricky. Sammy immediately went over to Ricky. “He’s climbing my foot. Isn’t it cool?” Sammy stooped down in front of Ricky’s feet and saw his diminutive pet climbing his pal’s right gray and blue stripped socked foot.

     Calvin grabbing the thick, warm material to the sock made his way slowly up toward the huge toes outlined beneath the cotton fabric.  Calvin could smell a slight foot odor emanating off the sock. Also, at his small size, Calvin could make out all the strands of cotton that made up the sock. And the beach ball size (to Calvin) pills of material created from the excess wear spread throughout the surface of the sock.

     “This is so cool Sammy. I have a teeny-tiny man climbing my foot.” Looking up at Sammy, Ricky asked, “You’re not mad at me for putting him on my foot? Are you?”

     “Ah, it’s ok. We’re buddies.”  Thinking to himself, Sammy thought, “I really don’t like having anyone touching my pet.”

     After a spate of time, Calvin made it to the top of Ricky’s sock. Rising above him covered by the blue and gray stripped material was Ricky’s huge toes. Climbing to the very peak of the toes, Calvin stood up and spread out his arms in a gesture of triumph.

     “Hey Sammy, you do something funny with your pet now.”

     Removing his pet from off of Ricky’s foot, Sammy placed his pet on the bridge of his nose. Sammy made a goofy face. Ricky laughed. Calvin was petrified with fear. He closed his eyes so he wouldn’t see how high up he was.

     “I have an idea Sammy,” said Ricky running off to the corner of the room to an old footlocker. Sammy removing his pet from his nose was curious about what Ricky was looking for.  “Here it is!” announced Ricky.

     Running back over, Sammy saw his pal was holding a Jack-In-A-Box.  Sitting down on the floor and crossing his legs, Ricky told Sammy, “Give me your pet.” Sammy was rather apprehensive about it. “Come on it will be fun.”

     “Ok Ricky but be careful. He’s just a tiny guy.”  

     Taking Sammy’s pet between two fingers, Ricky told Sammy as he placed the tiny teen on his lap, “I’ll be careful. And boy this will be fun.”

     Standing on Ricky’s massive lap, Calvin thought, “What he thinks is fun might be horrific to me. Dang, I still smell of Ricky’s foot.” However, Calvin had great trust in Sammy to be there for him. And Ricky being one of his closest pals, Calvin didn’t want to disappoint his master.

     Turning the crank on the side of the Jack-In-The-Box, Ricky waited for it to spring open. When it did, a plastic clown shoot up and rocked madly back and forth. “Ricky, I know what you want to do. I don’t like it,” said Sammy with grave concern.

     “It will be ok Sammy. I’ll be here,” replied Ricky placing Sammy’s pet on the plastic clown

     Calvin looked up at his master and thought, “Oh please Sammy help me.”

     Ricky immediately pushed the clown and Calvin down into the metal box.  Calvin found himself in the stale darkness of the toy. His heart was racing in fear. And his master Sammy’s heart was also racing in fear.  “Ok, here we go,” said Ricky turning the crank.  

      “Aaahh,” screamed Calvin from the screeching metal of gears moving and the sound of disjointed music it made.

     Keeping a vigilant eye on the box, Ricky said, “Ok, anytime now.” Sammy crossed his fingers.

     “Bang!” sounded the metal trap as it opened up. The force of the ascent catapulted Calvin into the air.

    “Whoa!” shouted Ricky as Sammy’s pet shot straight up. Sammy with a keen eye kept his sights on the tiny object.

    Jumping to catch his pet, Sammy felt something grab his hands pushing them right under his tiny pet as he slid on the floor. Calvin fell right into the colossal hands of his boy master. With his pet safely in his hands, Sammy got up off the floor. Turning to Ricky he hollered, “That was stupid!!” Ricky lowered his head.

     “You did well my little brother,” said a voice in Sammy’s ear. Sammy looked around in some confusion. He then looked down at his pet. For a moment Sammy’s heart sank when there was no movement.  He gave out a sigh of relief when Calvin began to stir.

     Going over to Sammy, Ricky asked, “Is he ok?”

     “I think so.”

     Slowly standing up, Calvin looked up at his master. At that moment the sun had broken through the clouds. A bright ray of sunlight made its way through the window of the basement directly onto Sammy. Gazing up at his master, Calvin saw Sammy in what appeared to be an intensely bright halo all around him.  Calvin fell to his knees crying. Bending over to kiss his master’s hand Calvin said, “You saved me.”

     Ricky just stood there as Sammy was bathed in bright light. “I hope we’re still friends Sammy.”

     “I guess so. I better be getting home.”

     Later that day in the early evening, Sammy was having his Saturday bath. His pet was also bathing. Sammy had placed Calvin in a plastic soap dish which he placed on a recessed shelf. As he washed himself off, Calvin shouted to Sammy, “You saved my life again! What would I do without you!!” He saw no response. When Sammy looked in his direction, he waved his arms.

     “Need something?” questioned Sammy.

     Calvin shouted, “You saved me again! How can I ever thank you!”

     Sammy made a shy smile and looked away. Fidgeting with the toes of his left foot, Sammy said, “You have saved me too.”  Taking a handful of suds, Sammy poured them down on his pet and laughed. And Calvin laughed too.

     At bedtime, Sammy had his pet sleep on his pillow.  As Sammy slowly dozed off, Calvin gazing lovingly at him thought, “This boy lost his brother. And in his grief, he was able to save a brother of humanity.”

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Re: My Giant Boy Master Sammy

What a cute and beautiful story!

The end moved us! Beautiful job!

Thank you for sharing your talent with us!