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(In the first story, I only had one of Jose’s pets have a name. In this second story the other two now have names)

     Jose had gone to his favorite get away on Cedar Hill.  Tired after a week of school and soccer practice, Jose just wanted to chillout with his human pets.  Leaning up against a large Pine Tree, Jose fell asleep. At his feet were Mitch and Lenny.  Chad had climbed up the enormous brown sandal to his beloved gargantuan master’s left foot.  Sitting on the edge of the white socked covered toes, Chad enjoyed the quiet.

     The three tiny human’s colossal, young master was dressed in periwinkle colored fleece shorts and matching tee-shirt.  Jose pets were bathed slightly in a bluish tint that radiated off the material from the noonday sun.  Standing between Jose’s muscular and huge legs, Lenny and Mitch gazed up with awe at their thirteen-year-old Master who looked like a God to them.  Both felt protected in the imposing presence of the colossal boy. Nineteen-year-old Mitch while fond for the most part of his master, still had remnants of resentment for being considered a pet, property and plaything of Jose.  

     Sitting on the boulder size big toe, Chad was thinking about how happy he has been.  “Jose has been like the brother I never had. True, I’m his pet, but I have never had such acceptance in my life.”  Chad full of contentment, laid back on the warm and firm surface of Jose’s foot.

     Mitch and Lenny were deep in conversation when suddenly they became distracted by kind of a hissing sound.  Turning around both their mouths dropped and their stomachs churned.  Slithering toward them was (to them) a gigantic snake.  Hearing the commotion down below, Chad sat up. Seeing the snake, Chad screamed to his pals, “Run! Run!” Not knowing what to do, Lenny and Mitch ran to their master. Both shouted trying to wake him. Their voices were just too feeble to be heard.  Mitch pointed to the cave size opening to the right leg to Jose’s sport shorts.  Both ran into the large dark orifice. In the heat of the shorts, Mitch and Lenny ran deeper into the black void. Lenny to keep his footing held on to the fleece material. Mitch grabbed the large leg hairs to stay erect on the soft fabric.

     Chad frightened as he saw the giant snake slithering around at the base of the sandal, began to climb up the huge knee sock. He pulled and grabbed the thick, white material and made his way toward the top.  

     “Lenny, do you think the monster is still out there?” asked Mitch.  

     “I don’t know and I don’t want to take any chances. Snakes are very relentless. We need to awaken Jose.” The two, scared tiny guys ran as far as they could in the cavernous shorts.

     Starting to feel spent from his climb up the expansive knee sock, Chad finally made it to the top.  He rested for a minute.  Holding on to the thick stitching to the top of the sock with one hand, Chad with his other started to punch the skin to Jose’s leg. “Please wake up!” he shouted.

     Coming to the end of the shorts, Mitch and Lenny wondered what to do next.  “We need to somehow wake up Jose,” said Mitch.

     “We should crawl out from under the waistband and if we can, crawl up the outside of it and maybe we can get Jose’s attention,” suggested Lenny.  Mitch and Lenny using all their strength tried to pry up the thick, ribbed waistband.  

     His face turning red, Mitch in slurred speech and through clenched teeth blurted out, “Come on---rise!”  The two tiny humans pushed their muscles to the limit and began to slowly lift the waistband.  Sliding slowly and agonizingly out from underneath the waistband, Mitch and Lenny after gathering their breath back, began to scale the waistband.

     Deep in his sleep, Jose was unaware of the rather comic activity taking place on his person. Two tiny human pets crawling up the waistband to his shorts and his other pet hanging on to the top of a sock.

     Reaching their goal, Lenny and Mitch stood in the center of the shorts. At their feet where the two huge, white drawstrings to the sport shorts. Jumping up and down, Mitch and Lenny shouted up to the massive face some many, many stories above them.  “It’s no us,” said Mitch.  “Hey, what are you doing?” asked Mitch.

     On his hands and knees, Lenny crawling under the bottom of the giant periwinkle colored tee-shirt replied, “I will see if tickling him will wake him. If both of us do it, we’ll have a better chance of success.”

     “I feel like a damn bug,” said Mitch getting down on his hands and knees joining Lenny under the tee-shirt.

     A slight smile crossed Jose’s face.  Slowly he opened his eyes.  “Ha-ha, that tickles,” said Jose groggily.  Moving his eyes downward, Jose saw two tiny bulges beneath his tee-shirt.  With his right hand, Jose slipped it under his tee-shirt and gathered up his two tiny, fragile pets.

     Lenny and Mitch could never get over the feeling of helplessness when Jose’s huge, powerful fingers would pick them up.  They knew their lives were in the power of their youthful boy master.

     “Hey? Why were you under my tee-shirt?” asked Jose who moved his hand next to an ear to get an answer.

     Lenny shouting into Jose’s enormous ear told him, “We ran for our lives from a snake. And crawled up your shorts for protection and help!”

     “I see,” responded Jose standing up.  “Hey!  Where’s Chad?” asked Jose suddenly in alarm. With his free hand, Jose felt around the front and back of his shorts.   His two tiny pets running to the edge of his hand pointed downward.  Jose looking in the direction they were pointing saw to his relief, Chad hanging onto the top of his left knee sock.  With his thumb and forefinger, Jose plucked his pet from off his sock. He placed Chad with the other two.  “It’s never a dull moment with you my pets.”  Closing his huge fingers over them, Jose deposited them into his right pocket.  The three human pets tumbled down the warm, fleece material until coming to rest on top of each other at the base of the pocket.

     Later, during early evening, Jose sitting on the edge of his bed fed his pets. They sat in the center of his palm eating their dinner.  “I’m glad you escaped from the snake. I feel bad I was asleep,” said Jose.

     After they had eaten their food, Jose poured a minute amount of water into his hand for the pets to drink from. Kneeling around the small pool of water, Jose’s tiny humans used cupped hands to gather up the water. Mitch grumbled to himself. He hated eating and drinking out of Jose’s hand like some kid’s pet mouse. Mitch sighed when he remembered that is exactly what he is---some kid’s pet.

     At bedtime, Jose placed Chad on his pillow and as most nights, secured Lenny and Mitch behind the waistband to his pajama bottoms.

     The next day at school, Jose during lunch break met up with his pals Jordan and Frankie in the cafeteria.  “Hey Jose, do you have your pets with you?” asked Jordan.

     “I do.”  Jose reached into the right cargo pocket of his shorts. He placed his clenched fist down on the table and opened his hand.

     Jordan said as he watched the three tiny people roll off of Jose’s hand onto the table top, “They’re so cool. I really want to have my own tiny person.”

     “I’m going to get my lunch. You guys can talk to my pets. And I mean just talk,” said Jose rather pointedly but more to Jordan.  Chad, Lenny and Mitch watched their master walk off.  They next looked up at Jose’s two gigantic buddies. All three could see a mischievous smirk appear on Jordan’s face.

     As Jose was placing his food on his tray he thought, “I hope I did the right thing leaving my pets alone with Jordan. He’s a great guy but can be a jerk at times.”

     When Jose returned to the table, he saw Frankie holding Chad and Lenny in his hand. “Hey, where’s Mitch?” Frankie had an uncomfortable expression on his face. Jordan’s face meanwhile was turned away.  “Come on Jordan what did you do to Mitch?” When Jordan turned around, Jose said angrily, “Oh man.”  Sticking out of Jordan’s left nostril was Mitch. Jose’s tiny pet was hanging out of the nostril head first and was banging the top of Jordan’s lip with his fists while squeaking furiously.  “Ok Jordan take him out---now!”

     “I know your mad at me Jose but watch this,” replied Jordan enthusiastically. Placing a finger on his right nostril, Jordan applied pressure on his nose which sent Mitch shooting from out of his nostril like a projectile into his hand.

     Jose angrily snatched his pet from out of Jordan’s hand.  “I don’t want your snots all over my pet!”

     “Don’t worry Jose,” answered Jordan. “My nose is dry.”

     For the rest of lunch, Jose tried to explain certain things to Jordan.  “I know they are tiny and our pets but their still people.”

     “I know that Jose. I wouldn’t hurt one.”  Jordan hung his head down and went quiet for a spell. Lifting his head back up, Jordan told Jose, “I really want a tiny person. Please, help me find one.”

     Jose thought it over. “Jordan you have been a good pal. I will after school take you to the place where I caught my three human pets.”

     “You mean it!”  exclaimed Jordan.

     Jose replied, “I do.” Turning to Frankie, Jose asked, “What about you?”

     “My older brother has a human pet and lets me play with him when I want. I’m cool.”

     Not far from the middle School where Jose and his pals attended is the small forest reserve. It is in this place where the community of shrunken tiny people live. The same ones where Jose had caught his pets. Very shortly they would be in for two gigantic surprises.  

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Re: JOSE 2

Excellent part! We loved it!

We hope you can write the upcoming part soon!

Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!