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Please, before posting in this forum, be sure to read and respect the following Rules:

1.- Dot not register under false pretenses or engineer a false person. This commonly includes:
a).- Lying about being at least 18.
b).- Explicitly claiming to be another user.
c).- Explicitly claiming you are NOT another user when you are.
d).- Explicitly claiming you are a male/female when you are not.

2.- Do not post material where a living thing is being harmed or killed. This includes creatures not covered by animal cruelty laws, such as crustaceans and insects.

3.- Violations of the Underage Content Policy will be banned.

4.- Do not post any material that is being sold to the community.

5.- Do not post spam or viruses.

6.- Do not vandalize threads or the forum in general. Some examples of vandalism would be flooding, spamming, and intentional thread derailment.

7.- Do not use hate speech on the forums. This applies to any communication that vilifies a person or a group of people, on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, nationality or religion. Examples include (but are not limited to): Racist slurs, belittling handicaped people, sexual descrimination, homophobic hostility, religious bigotry, etc.

8.- Ilegal pornography is completed prohibited.

9.- In case you wish to share a file to the community (video, audio, pdf, etc.) they have to be uploaded in one of the following servers: mega, google drive, dropbox, onedrive or mediafire.

10.- This site is about giant boys; so giantess, giant girls or giant adult ugly men are prohibited. They only could be just mentioned in the exteme case they come with a giant boy. The giant boys can be toddles, kids, boys, teens or older teens. Tiny boys are prohibited, unless they come with a giant boy, but the giant boy can't be bully type (fat and ugly).

Violations of forum rules may result in an immediate banning of your account or IP depending on the nature and degree of the violation. They will always earn at least a warning, and the offending material will be removed.

Giant Boys Zone Team.