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     The ten-year-old titan from planet Gucia sat on the parched land of Earth playing with his tiny human pets. Several he had placed between the toes of his left foot.  A few others were crawling around his gigantic chest. The ones closer to his age were playing hide and seek among the folds of his red loincloth. A couple he placed in his right ear. The seventeen-year-old cripple boy was slowly crawling around in his gargantuan master’s forest of black, wavy hair.

     A man named Gus with another man stood between the big and second toe. Both toes rose above the two men as living obelisks. The toes emitted a strong heat and a slight fleshy smell. However, it wasn’t over powering. They found as with their young master’s other humans were slowly acclimating to their new life as a boy’s pet. And too, they may not admit it to each other, they were grateful for their new life. They had been removed from a slow, painful lingering and in many cases---violent death. The pets also would probably not admit; they had grown very fond of their boy master Equi.  

     “Heehee,” giggled Equi to the movements of his human bugs on his chest. One bug was crawling over a nipple. Reaching down, Equi picked it up by the sides and brought it up before his enormous, slightly glowing turquoise colored eyes. The human bug that he held between his two fingers was waving about his arms and kicking his legs madly up and down. Equi couldn’t hear but the man was screaming. He was afraid of heights. “Funny human bug,” said Equi warmly who placed the distraught man on the bridge to his nose.

     Running up to Equi was his friend Fega. “Equi!  I have something funny to show you!” shouted Fega excitedly. The energetic pal sat down next to his fellow citizen from Gucia.

     “What is it?” asked Equi.  

     Making a big grin, Fega placing a hand under his nose and putting the index finger from his other hand on the right side of his nose, Fega made a deep nasal discharge. Equi saw a tiny object come shooting out of his friend’s nostril and into his hand. The tiny object observed Equi was a human bug. The tiny human bug slowly stood up. Doing another nasal discharge, Fega shot out another human bug. “Pretty Qekthra (Gucian for: cool) huh.”

     “Oh, sure it was,” replied Equi trying to be polite to his pal. While Equi loved to have fun with his human pets also, he didn’t know how much fun it was for Fega’s two human bugs.

     Fega put his two somewhat rattled pets into a pocket attached to a belt that crossed his chest diagonally. “Equi, I was thinking would you like to come with me and look for some more human bugs in one of their primitive nests?”

“Sure! Sounds like fun.”  Equi removed his human bugs from off of him and placed them in his small brown pouch attached to the side of his loin cloth.

     Equi and Fega walked to what use to be a thriving human city.  A band of people still trying to survive among the rusting and rotting buildings hid when the two titanic youths appeared. Hiding in crumbling entrance ways, the survivors gazed up at the gargantuan boys.  Fega and Equi’s sandals were the length of two city buses.  Their sandaled feet crushed many burnt out and long disabled cars that folded up like paper beneath the great weight of the two Gucian youths.

     A thirty-two-year-old man turning to the people next to him said, “I am really considering letting them know that I’m here. Maybe it would be the best thing to be taken by them.”

     “If you want to be taken that’s your choice but don’t ruin it for the rest of us,” replied a young woman curtly.  

     The man answered, “I hadn’t plan on it. But I would ask you all to at least consider it for yourselves. What life do we have facing us? Sure, they see us like things to keep as pets. The titans seem to treat those they catch well.” The other people just stepped back into the shadows.

     “Equi,” spoke Fega. “I think I just saw a human bug at the opening to that toy structure.” The two gigantic boys went over to the dilapidated forty story building both shaking the ground and creating a loud booming sound as they walked.

     Pointing to a large gash in the side of the twentieth floor, Fega told Equi, “I saw him in there.”  Gazing in closer, the alien giants slightly hunched over saw a male human bug moving back deeper into the structure. “Perhaps if I widen the hole,” said Fega starting to pick away at the structure.

     “No, don’t do that,” responded Equi in alarm moving his friend’s hand away from the building. “You’re causing the ceiling inside the structure to collapse. You could kill the human bug.” Equi moved his face right up to the jagged gash. “Yes, I see him. Good, he’s unharmed.”

     The tiny man inside was full of terror when he saw the enormous glowing turquoise colored eye staring in at him. It was scary enough when those giant fingers had started pulling away at the wall. The man just crouched down not knowing what to do.  Falling debris had blocked the doors to the room.

     “I have an idea Fega.”  Taking a few deep breaths, Equi pressed his face against the split in the side of the building. Opening his mouth, Equi made a deep inhale. There was a loud sound of rushing air all around the man. Paper, debris and even a few desks were sucked into the pink maw of the giant.

     The poor man did what he could to hang on. Realizing he was losing his grip; the agony of his soul caused the man to give out one shriek of terror as he was sucked into the waiting mouth of doom. “Aaaaahhh!!!” The man found himself catapulted into the moist cavern.

     Removing his mouth from the side of the building, Equi placing a hand under his mouth, spate out what he had sucked in. Among the many tiny objects was the human bug. Gently lifting up the fragile thing, Equi handed the human bug to Fega. “Thank you Equi.” The gargantuan boy placed his new acquisition into his pocket.

     The thirty-two-year-old man, meanwhile, had made his decision to make himself known to the gigantic boys. Running up to the front of Equi’s right sandal, the man suddenly was struck frozen. He had never been this close to the alien titans before. Putting a hand to his mouth, he said to himself, “My God they are huge.” The titan in the red loincloth seemed to rise to the very heavens. He was wider than any building the thirty-two-year-old man had ever seen. His vision was filled with the colossal boy’s legs and torso.

     The group of people he had been with looked on. One man commented, “What does he think he is doing? He is dangerously close to that sandal. All the giant has to do is move slightly and he’s finished.”      

     “Maybe one of us should go out and warn him,” suggested a middle-aged woman. The crowd of people looked at each other for a moment. Becoming silent, they just lowered their heads.

     “Best we be getting back to the encampment. It is getting close to midday nutrition period,” said Equi.  The two titanic boys began to move.

     The man’s face was filled with abject despair when he was thrown into darkness as the gargantuan sandal lifted up and began to glide over him.  Running as fast as he could to the side of the sandal, the thirty-two-year-old man hoped he could escape the humungous footwear. Feeling an increase of air pressure on him, the thirty-two-year-old man looked up.”

     Many of those in the crowd turned away in shock and grief. Without warning, half of the group were swept off their feet and thrown a good distance by a blue blur. Making deep, thundering steps, two more titans appeared.

     Getting down on their knees, Equi speaking for Fega and himself said with a voice of profound respect, “My Lord Azay. We are honored by your presence.”

     “Arise my friends,” spoke the twelve-year-old boy Lord Azay who was the son of one of the leading governing tribes on Gucia. Lord Azay was dressed in a fine shiny, light blue tunic that flowed down to the top of his sandals. His banded collar was of weaved gold. The center of his tunic had a thin black fabric that ran down concealing the zipper underneath. Lord Azay had long black hair that flowed out over his broad shoulders.

     Coming around from behind him was Lord Azay’s body guard, fourteen-year-old Bajz.  He was a tall muscular lad. Bajz had thick, brown hair that flowed down below his shoulders. He was dressed only in a thick, baggy oatmeal colored, support strap type shorts. The top of his shorts was capped with a wide brown belt. Bajz carried a long golden spear in his left hand. On the front of his shorts were a dozen human bugs that moved in-between the dense, long cords of material. A couple rode in the thick seam on the right side of his narrow shorts. He too had several other pets that were entrenched in-between his large, tight abs.

     “Catching human bugs?” asked Lord Azay.

     Fega answered, My Lord, we caught only one so far when we realized it is almost time for our midday nutrition period.”

     “My Lord what about you?” asked Equi.

     “Yes, I was out on a hunting expedition for more. Mainly to catch and give as presents to my friends back on home world.”  Lord Azay unzippered a small portion of his tunic. Reaching in with his left hand, Lord Azay removed from an inner pocket a small, blue silk bag. Opening the pouch and tilting it slightly, twenty human bugs rolled out onto his giant hand. “These are my human pets. They have been with me for much time now,” said Lord Azay with fondness in his voice. “I take them everywhere. Funny tiny bugs aren’t they. For something so miniscule they can show affection and offer even a form of companionship.”

     Patting his small brown pouch, Equi answered, “I am very pleased with my human bugs and couldn’t think of not having my beloved pets.”

     Turning towards Bajz, Lord Azay smiling said, “Even my brave and powerful body guard is enamored by these human bugs. And don’t be fooled by his hard exterior and valiant heart. It is also a compassionate heart. I don’t know how Bajz did it since the human bugs are so very tiny, he nursed many of them from the brink of death. Isn’t that right my good and loyal companion.”

     “Yes, my Lord,” replied Bajz making a slight bow.  

     “His pets are very fortunate to have one so strong and loyal as I am,” said Lord Azay thoughtfully.

     Kneeling before his Lord, Bajz responded, “It has been my great honor to serve thee. And I look forward too many more years to come.”  

     “Stand my friend and ever faithful companion.”  Turning back to Equi and Fega Lord Azay told them, “You best be off.” Bowing, Equi and Fega took their leave.

     After their midday nutrition period, Fega and Equi went back to the nest of the human bugs.  Using their agile hands and metal extenders that were capped with a special, safe adhesive, the two youthful titans captured eighteen more human bugs.

     Returning to the encampment, Fega and Equi placing their catch on a table divvied up the human bugs among other boys who hadn’t been as lucky as themselves in acquiring these tiny humans. It was Equi’s idea.

     Standing on the gray metal table the eighteen people gazed up at the enormous boys. The air around them was filled with booming, excited youthful chatter. One man seeing a God like pair of fingers coming down towards him, turned to the others and pleaded, “Help me!”

     “It will be ok. You’ll see,” responded a college age teenager trying to quell the man’s fear. The man soon disappeared completely between two giant fingertips.

     Equi was pleased in the joy his fellow friends were having in acquiring their own human bugs to keep. One boy bending his head back, dropped his three human bugs on his face. He giggled as he felt a minute tickling sensation.  The three people as they walked around the vast landscape were in awe of the size of everything. The side of the boy’s nose rose above them like a small hill. One man walked over to the edge of his boy master’s eye. Behind the black eye lashes as long as saplings was the huge, glowing orb that was the boy’s eye.

     Come nightfall on this dead world, Equi sat down on the ground. Spreading his legs apart, he placed his pets down before him. Shortly, tiny faint pinpoints of light appeared. His pets were carrying torches he had given them. Putting down a round amplifier before them, Equi could hear his pets. His human bugs were singing songs they had composed about him and the great love they held for him. “My pets you move me greatly,” said Equi wiping a few tears from his eyes. “You all belong to me and I will always love and take care of you.” After, he heard a rousing applaud of hands and shouts of joy. To complement this joyful time, Equi placed bits of tasty treats down before his human pets.

     When sleep period came, Equi’s younger pets walked and coming to the base of his colossal red loincloth began to scale it.  They nestled themselves in among the warm folds of the material. His other pets after their titanic master laid down on his cushioned mat, snuggled up against Equi’s mountainous size chest. The crippled human bug, Equi had placed in one of his eyebrows.

     Both colossus and minuscule at loving peace with the other drifted off to sleep.  

     THE END
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Another great story Tim!  We love your stories!

Thank you so much for sharing them with us!