Day Of Tragedy Day of Thanksgiving

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Day Of Tragedy Day of Thanksgiving

Day of Tragedy Day of Thanksgiving.

“I think the attack is over,” said Diri who had shielded the Earthie students with his chest and arms.

Another student stood up on his one good leg to survey the damage to the lecture chamber as the several tiny human teenagers in the palm of his left hand remained huddled together.

“You’re right Diri, the attack is over,” spoke the teen.

“Really Suqer?” piped the student’s Earthie who pocked his head out from under Suqer’s right shirt collar.

Sitting up and leaning back on the heels of his sandals, Diri with relief and pride, pride in the might of the Betheran Warriors told everyone, “The time of fear is now over at least for now.” Gazing down at his tiny pals, the seventeen year old said, “Isn’t that right tiny ones.” The Earthies made their high pitch joyful replies. Diri chuckled as the tiny humans ran up his knees and cheered him for saving their lives. A few who were still shaken up by the ordeal crawled up the side of his giant hip and into the pocket of Diri’s white school uniform shorts.

“You really did save us!” squeaked Diri’s Earthie Tiger who was helping another student.

Squinting his eyes, Diri noticed Tiger had been hurt in the attack. There were traces of blood all over him. Carefully Diri picked him up and the other Earthie; depositing them in his huge hand. “Tiger you satisfactory. Are the wounds deep my human brother?”

“Nah, their just scrapes; nothing serious.”

“My gratefulness to the Great Spirit of Light. Now I’ll even feel better knowing you’re safe on my person.” Diri placed Tiger and the other Earthie in his other shorts pocket. Grabbing hold to the thick, soft inner-lining of the pocket, Tiger in the warm darkness too gave thanks to the Great Spirit of light that his Betheran was safe.

“Diri could you come over here?” asked a short stocky Betheran teen named Gurtre. Diri slowly stood up. Another teen gathered up into his hands the Earthies Diri had protected during the attack. Diri walked up to Gurtre. Without saying a word the ashen faced Betheran teenager pointed to a piece of masonry. Diri noticed a small crimson pool spreading out from beneath the jagged debris. Lifting the small piece of stone up, Diri saw the crushed remains of an Earthie. By the color of the clothing he knew it was Gurtre’s Earthie.

When Gurtre started to wobble on his feet, Diri caught him with his arms. “I’m sorry Gurtre,” said Diri not finding the proper words for the moment. Gurtre remained silent as he grabbed tightly to Diri’s arms.

A Progressive Learner said a few prayers over the remains then careful wrapped it up in his handkerchief.

“Earthies, their so small. Such fragile beings,” remarked a Betheran who quickly petted and pocketed his Earthie. Many of the other students quickly placed their Earthies either in their pockets or in their utility pouches.

“Everyone come with me quickly,” spoke Diri spotting a leg of a Betheran sticking out from underneath ceiling and lighting debris. Diri gave the in shock Gurtre to another teen to be looked after.

Eight Betheran teenagers began removing the rubble off of the teenager. The teen was covered with dust. And his hands were pressed against a slightly squirming bulge in his shirt. Slapping his face Diri said, “Cype you hear me?” When the teen made a slight moan and moved his eyes everyone gave out a sigh of relief.

As the teen started to become more coherent Cype told them, “When the ceiling started to fall I placed the Earthies down my shirt to protect them.”

“And you did my friend.”

A large burly eighteen year old called Bluty looked for any additional Betheran and Earthie students who might still be trapped under wreckage. At first the two arms that waved up at him from the remnants of an optical printer pad reminded Bluty of his young brother’s micro play figures. This was no play figure but a living person. Bluty with two fingers removed the pieces of the optical pad. “Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me!” squeaked the Earthie teenager in accelerated emotion.

“Tiny one,” said Bluty with compassion. Using his thumb and forefinger, Bluty picked the Earthie up by the sides of his chest and laid him to rest in his muscular hand.

“The explosion, the screaming. I couldn’t breathe. I thought I would stay trapped. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t breathe,” shouted the Earthie who began to weep.

Bluty tried to console the tiny human. “Tiny one you’re safe in my hand. Soon you will be with your Betheran.

Diri and the other Betheran teenagers gathered up their remaining Earthies. Many were traumatized and clung to the comforting and powerful fingers of their Betherans.

The nineteen Betheran students stopped and lowered their heads as they surrounded a fellow peer who was half buried by a heavy support beam. His purple eyes gazed lifelessly out. On the dead teen’s forehead was his Earthie. On bended knees the Earthie rocked back and forth crying for his Betheran brother.

“We’ll take you with us,” said a Betheran reaching for the grieving Earthie.

“No, no. I won’t leave him. I won’t. I won’t, I won’t,” responded the Earthie who then kissed his brother’s forehead with great reverence. ”

At that moment the adult educators and rescue workers followed by family members made their way to the Lecture Hall of the Educational facility that had been damaged in the attack.

When the students were being led out of the damaged Educational building, Betheran teenager Gurtre looked sadly back at ruined lecture chamber.

Once outside, the students left the comforting sides of their parents and went to console each other in hugs and tears.

At home Diri cleaned up and lying on his bed with Tiger sitting on his chest asked, “You have been silent ever since we returned. I know I still can’t get today out of mind. I don’t think I ever will.”

“I was thinking about you Diri. When the attack first happened and you were lost in all that dust and rubble I thought I lost you.” Tiger stopped and wiped his eyes.

“Thankfully we both didn’t lose each other. I guess we have to look to that and to the here and now,” said Diri. After a few moments Diri began to yawn. The sound to Tiger was deep and rumbling like an approaching thunderstorm. However, there was no storm here. Tiger smiled. He never had seen before how Diri’s simple yawn could fill him with such joy.

After Diri had fallen asleep, Tiger stood up on the mighty gigantic chest and with outstretched arms gave his elation of thanksgiving!