Date with giant boy! (vore willing aware swallowing)

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Date with giant boy! (vore willing aware swallowing)


Steve is 17 years old man who is looking a boyfriend in Internet.  Today he was find and interesting message on his chat box on gay webside.

"Good morning, i am gay with size 1,70. I am 30 years old i am looking a hot boyfriend for long relationship. May i visited you tomorrow in your home?"

So Steve send him massage:

"Wow sure! I am Steve i am 17 years old and 1,90. I will waiting for you at 8 PM"

But gay from Internet dont give him massage.  So steve was thinking that was a fake.  He was sitting in kichen and eating dinner when he saw how some dragonfly fky inside his room and some tiny person with size of 1,70 cm jump down on table and look up*
-Hello Steve! I am a gay from chat box!

*Then Steve looks down and say*
-it is impossible! You are like an ant!
*Then tiny say*
-Exacly 1,70 cm!
*Then Steve pick him up on hand carefully and say*
-awsome, but we can't be boyfriend's,  you are too small!
*then tiny say*
-But you are so sexy ! *and he hug his finger, then Steve say*
-hmm thank you ! *and he stroke tiny by his finger and put him on table and show him his muscle body*
-wow! I realy wish to be inside!
-Inside of what?
Of your belly ! *say tiny and get inside a plate and splash in kechup*
-ow ! *then Steve licked his lips and say*
-but... you will be inside forever! *he say and flex his abs*
-and tiny say... you see, some homosexuals are not interested in penises, ass, and sex. We have one dream in all our live. Dream of being eaten as tiny. Thanks shrinking serum we can make our dreams real!

*Then Steve stroke his head and say*
-You was drink shrinking serum before you was come to me to be eaten by me?

*and tiny say*
*then tiny looks up and say*
-please eat me!
*Then Steve say*
-are you sure you want to be a part of my muscles forever? *then he flex abs and chest, and bicep, and tiny say*
-yess! i am in ketchup i will be tasty!
*Then Steve pick up tiny person and licked him*
-hmmm you are sweet!
*then tiny say*
-yes! *and he is blush*
*and Steve say*
-are you ready?
*tiny say*
*then giant open his maw and hold tiny on his open hand*
-yay! *say tiny and jump inside, then giant muscle gay swallow him alive and say*
-mm tasty *and he put hand on his abs and digested tiny happy vore gay alive*