Cory Lost His Height, Autonomy And Gained A Boy Master

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Cory Lost His Height, Autonomy And Gained A Boy Master


     Cory with his hands on the giant boulder (To CORY) panted in fear as the two boys loomed with incredible height over him. He dared not move in fear that their young sharp eyes would spot him.  Part of him wanted to make known his presence. Fourteen-year-old Cory had grown tired, sickly and lonely living all by himself at the pond where the shrinking virus had destroyed his life. However, once he saw a couple of boys catch a couple of toads and torture them. After that, Cory became afraid of being captured by boys.

     Seven-year-old Aakan stretched his arms and yawned. “Can we go back home? I’m really getting hungry.”

     “In a couple of minutes,” replied his brother eleven-year-old Ethan.  “I saw a neat looking toad here a couple of days ago. It had the coolest colors.”  Holding the blue plastic handle to his small butterfly net, Ethan crouched over gazed with eagle eyes around the spot where he had seen this precious toad.

     Aakan loved to catch small things too but right now all he could think of was food to quell his hunger. Sighing out of impatience, Aakan kicked the small stone that was next to his left foot.

     Cory was knocked onto his back. He quickly covered his mouth to cover his scream. It was an awesome sight. The colossal boy rose high and high into the sky where the upper part of his body and head narrowed out. The boy’s legs extended many stories above him. They disappeared into the dark leg openings to a pair of dark blue, sports shorts. To Cory’s rising fear the front of the gargantuan boy’s white sneaker was right in front of him. All the boy needed to do was move forward just a tiny bit and he would be crushed.

     Waiting several minutes, Cory could not take it anymore. Getting up he ran as fast as he could away from the front of the bus size sneaker. “Huh,” said Aakan with interest. The boy noticed a small object running from the front of his sneakers. Aakan hoped it might be the toad his brother was looking for. “Ethan, over here! Over Here!”

     “What?” questioned Ethan annoyed at being distracted from his search.

     “I saw something.  It might be that toad.” Ethan immediately ran over to his brother.  “Look,” said Aakan pointing to the small creature running away. “Is it your toad?”

     Ethan replied, “I don’t think so. Its running and it appears to be standing.  Hey!” said Ethan with excitement in his voice. “It might be one of those tiny shrunken people---cool!”

     Cory as he ran heard the excited and thundering voices of the titanic boys. He could feel their huge, quick footsteps shaking the ground beneath him. Whoosh, Cory suddenly heard behind him. Turning his head as he ran, Cory saw the blue rim and white mesh to a giant net. “Missed him!” bellowed a boy’s voice coming from on high. Cory ran into a clump of meadow grass.

     “Aakan, move around over there. But be careful where you step,” instructed Ethan. Aakan did what his brother had told him.  “He has to be between you and me.” Aakan stooped down and began to separate the long, thick blades of grass.

     Ethan bent is head back and looked back and forth. The two boys loomed near him and so huge, so powerful and almost God like. The gigantic boy with the net Ethan could see was moving steadily near him. Moving slowly back, Ethan heard movement coming from behind him. Turning around, He saw a pair of giant light brown fingers probing the ground. “Aaah!” screamed Ethan who ran away from the giant hand.

     “Did you hear that?” asked Ethan.

     Aakan replied, “I think I heard a squeak.”

     “We must be near him,” said Ethan to his brother.  He began to separate the blades of grass more aggressively.

     Cory hoping, he hadn’t given himself away ran out of the clump of meadow grass and toward some logs (to Cory) not far from him.  However, Aakan’s eagle eyes spotted him. “I see him!” shouted the excited brother. “He’s heading for a pile of twigs!”

     “I see him too,” replied Ethan with a grin on his face. Standing up, Ethan quickly moved over to the retreating tiny human.

     Cory was nearing the pile of logs when he heard that whooshing sound again.  In a flash, Cory was covered with the white netting. “Noooo!!” he screamed as he fought the netting material that he became entangled in.

     Closing the mesh around his catch that was struggling to get free, Ethan lifted up his net and turned it right side up. Both Ethan and his brother marveled at the tiny, tiny man at the bottom. The net swung and jiggled slightly to the wiggling exertions of its passenger. “Ethan, what are you going to do with him?” asked Aakan.

     “Going to keep him.” Ethan hoisted the Butterfly net over his shoulder and held the handle grip tightly.  Taking his brother’s hand, Ethan said, “Let’s go home.”

     At the bottom of the net that swayed back and forth to the walking of the boy, Cory wondered and wondered with a lot of fear on what was going to happen to him.

     When Ethan and Aakan reached home they showed what they caught to their parents. “Can I keep him?” asked Ethan. The law says any shrunken person caught can be kept as a pet.”

     The mother looked over at the father who nodded and smiled. Returning her gaze to Ethan, she told him, “Of-course you can. But you must take care of him.”

     “Oh, I will. I promise.”

     Aakan asked, “But what about me? I spotted him. Can’t I have him too?”

     “Ethan is older. I am sure he will let you play with him,” replied the mother.

     Stooping down before his brother and rustling up his hair, Ethan told him, “You can play with him.”  Aakan made a big smile.

     Cory still in the net, his mind was spinning. He was just being considered as a tiny pet. A pet to be kept by a small boy. “Is this what my life is going to be about?” questioned Cory to himself.

     After going up to his bedroom, Ethan placed the net down on his desk, he was looking forward in handling the tiny man. “Wow, I’m going to have my very own tiny person as a pet. So cool.”

     Ethan sitting down in a chair, titled the net up slightly as he began to slip his hand in. Cory screamed in abject fear as the huge hand wiggled its way through the folds of white netting towards him. He closed his eyes when the light brown warm and sweaty fingers began to wrap around him.  

     Removing his hand from the net, Ethan was in excited anticipation in beholding his new possession.  For a moment, Ethan gazed at his clenched fist. He could feel the tiny person wiggling in his grip.  Opening his hand slowly, he looked upon his new pet.

     When the clammy fingers began to uncurl, Cory was about to view his captor for the first time. Two huge, dark brown eyes stared intently down at him. Crowning these moon-size eyes were equally dark, thick eyebrows.  And above running across the giant forehead thick, straight and shiny black hair. Looking downwards, Cory saw the gigantic boy’s prominent, huge nose where its small cave openings for nostrils blew hot air on him.  And two huge red lips parted slightly into a smile. One thought that ran through Cory’s mind that did give him some peace of mind; was the fact the giant boy was very careful with him as he removed him from the net.

     Ethan was amazed at the small size of the tiny human. He was so much like him but just so very tiny. Ethan took a finger and ran it over his pet’s body. He moved the head from side to side carefully. Ethan’s eyebrows knitted together into thought as he wiggled his fingers that bounced the tiny human around. Ethan stopped. He observed how his thumb was wider than his new pet. And this was a person like him? Ethan began to feel sad. He then spoke to his pet. “I really feel sorry for you. You’re so tiny and like a bug can be crushed at any time. And animals and other creepy things could eat you.”  Ethan’s sad demeanor suddenly became one of joy. “But your mine now. And I will take care of you. We can have a lot of fun together.”

     Cory was filled with conflicting emotions at first. Yet, he never had someone say they would take care of him---well---at least mean it. Cory’s parents were killed when he was three. And has been since passed from foster home to foster home. He ran away from the last one to the pond at the park. And it was there he suffered the shrinking virus.  Cory wanted to tell the gigantic boy how he felt.  But suddenly he found himself being lifted swiftly up.

     Ethan lifting his hand up pressed it and his new pet against his right cheek. “Yeah, I’m going to take care of you. And you can be my pet.”

     Cory found his entire body being engulfed by the colossal cheek of the boy. The skin was smooth and warm.

     When Ethan removed his hand from his cheek, he brought it before his face again and told his pet, “I forgot to tell you my name is Ethan.” He faintly heard a squeak coming from his pet. “I can’t make it out. I’ll place you next to my ear.”   Ethan moved his hand up next to his right ear.

     Cory standing up in the giant hand, walked over to the equally giant ear and shouted, “My name is Cory!”

     Bringing his hand back around to his face, Ethan said, “Cory huh?”  A big engaging smile crossed the gargantuan boy’s face as he told the teeny-tiny teen in his hand, “You’re so cool. I have friends who have tiny people as pets. Now I have you.”

     It was very strange to be considered a pet. A cold, tight feeling grasped at his stomach when the reality of the situation hit him once more.  “I’m going to be the pet, plaything and property of a colossal boy.” Standing in the small island of a hand, Cory looked up at the boy again. The enormous dark eyes stared playfully and kindly down at him.  “I never had anyone be glad to have me around before.” Cory took a few deep breaths. “I’ll take it.”

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Re: Cory Lost His Height, Autonomy And Gained A Boy Master

We loved it!

We'd love to read the second part!