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Brotherhood of Meadows Preparatory



Meadows Preparatory is a school for troubled youth from age ten to fourteen years old. Making part of the student body, is a group called the Brotherhood, students who have and manage the shrunken, tiny people who live around the school in the fields. This is one of their stories…

Calvin stood solemnly before the council of the clan. “We have made our decision Calvin,” spoke Gus, the leader of: Clan of the Giant Boulder. “You are to be sent out into the field behind the preparatory school. The giant students of the Brotherhood usual send out daily one or two of their brothers to capture one or more of us. And those of the other clans.” Calvin lowered his head.

“Be of stout heart Galvin from what I hear It’s not a bad life. You’ll be taken care of,” said one of the council members.

Lifting his head back up, Calvin replied, “Being a pet and plaything is hard to accept.”

“It will grow on you Calvin. And the Brotherhood always compensates a clan for anyone of us they catch. And we are in need of supplies,” replied the leader.

Calvin nodded his head in capitulation to the situation. Shortly after, a group of Calvin’s friends escorted him out of the secret entrance below the giant boulder. “We’ll see you to the edge of the field Calvin,” said one of his pals. Walking through the tall grass, Calvin’s friends told him positive stories about the Brotherhood. And shared with him the good times they all had.

“Well, we are hear Calvin. If you stand up on that large rock you can even see the preparatory buildings,” said a chum of his. His comrades helping Calvin up on the large rock, Calvin could see in the distance the red brick buildings.

Rubbing his two hands together nervously, Calvin told his friends, “I guess this is it. I’ll miss you guys. And I’ll do what I can in getting as much supplies for the clan.” After a few hugs, Calvin’s friends watched their buddy disappear among the giant blades of grass.

Reading the schedule for the day, the Master of the Brotherhood who was named Ward gazed around the lobby to the preparatory school. Oh, there you two are---good. I have your itinerary for the day,” spoke Master Ward to the two boys. Pointing a finger to an eleven-year-old student with dark, wavy hair, Master Ward said, “Nick, you will go searching for tiny people behind the school.” Turning to the second boy, Master Ward told him, “Shinji, you will take the western edge. And I have containers of provisions for the tiny people waiting for you in the kitchen. Ok, good hunting.”

“Ah---Master Ward; if I can speak to you for a moment please,” said Nick.

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Well---I was hoping if I could keep as a pet any tiny person I find. All the other brothers have their own. And I have been with the Brotherhood for over a year now.”

Master Ward looked thoughtfully at him. “True. And Nick you have been a very competent member.” Putting his hand on Nick’s shoulder, Master Ward told him, “You may keep the tiny human. You’re entitled to one.”

“Thank you, Master Ward,” replied Nick with his face beaming with joy. Taking leave of Master Ward, Nick took out of a closet a butterfly net. Going through the glass and bronze front doors to the school, Nick went around to the back and out into the field.

Master Ward leaving the lobby, heard laughter coming from one of the student lounges. Going in Master Ward saw a group of brothers playing Monopoly. The brothers were using their human pets as game pieces. “Come on Footie, you can do it!” exclaimed Joe as his human pet with some difficulty jumped the several block spaces. Standing around the table were many other brothers. A couple of the brothers held in their hands their pets who were also watching the game. While other pets of the brothers enjoyed the game from the breast pocket to their master’s dark blue school blazer.

As Master Ward was enjoying the game, a brother who was also his aid came in and whispered in his ear informing him, “We have a situation in student lounge number two.” Master Ward nodded and left with the brother.

“It appears David’s new pet is having a being owned trauma,” commented the brother.

Master Ward remarked, “Yes, some new arrivals find being owned by their new master quite traumatizing.”

Entering the room, Master Ward saw a group of four brothers looking around the room for David’s human pet. “Gee,” said David speaking to Master Ward. “He appeared to be settling in. I don’t know what happened.”

“It’s normal sometimes for the pet to have a delayed reaction.” Taking a silver cylinder from out of the pocket to his jacket, Master Ward extending it began to use it to poke under the chairs.

David’s pet hiding under a side table, sweated profusely as he saw the enormous and highly polished brown shoes thundering against the floor.

“We checked under all the chairs,” said Master Ward. “He must be under this table.” Master Ward began to move the shiny, chrome extender under the table. “Ok boys, be ready to catch him in case he makes a break for it.”

The wayward pet squeaked in fear when the huge, long silver object started to sweep across the floor towards him. The tiny little guy ran out from under the table. “There he is!” shouted one of the brothers. They all quickly surrounded the tiny human. The pet stopped in his tracks and covered his ears from the deafening pounding made from the mammoth shoes. Removing his hands from his ears, the diminutive pet began to gaze up past the giant shoes. All around the tiny human were towers of gray slacks that extended high in the air. The cuffs of the trousers made a whooshing sound as they swayed to the motions of the gargantuan youth. David’s pet felt pathetic before these leviathans.

Getting down on one knee, David asked his pet, “Hey Butch, what happened? You have nothing to fear from me. As my pet you are under my good graces.” David lowered a hand down before Butch. “Come on buddy.”

“I-I-ah,” spoke Butch struggling for words. Bending his head back and gazing up at the ruddy face of David for a moment, Butch looked back down at the small island of a hand. He slowly walked to it. Butch bent over and pulled himself up onto a large finger.

“Good going pal,” spoke David warmly. Standing back up, David placed his pet into the left side pocket of his blazer. A couple of the brothers placed a hand on David’s shoulder as they walked out of the room together.

“Well, I’m glad that is over with,” remarked Master Ward to his aid.

Walking down the school corridor, David was stopped by Matt, a large, athletic twelve year-old. “Hey, I saw what happened. I hope you’re going to punish your pet. He must be made to obey.”

“I’ll handle it my way,” responded David. Matt just gave him a sneer. David just shook his head and continued down the hall.

Looking down at his pet that he held in a fist, Matt began to tighten his grasp. His pet’s face began to turn red. “I hope you don’t try to run away. Unlike that panty-waist, I’ll make you pay for any disobediences.” Matt released his grip. And his pet gasped for air.

Running as fast as he could through the thick grass, Calvin tried to out run the approaching giant. Calvin when he had spotted the colossal student freaked. The boy from the Brotherhood was so much more immense than Calvin had imagined. He hoped he could run back to his clan at the giant boulder. “I hope he hadn’t spotted me,” thought Calvin hoping the grass would conceal him.

Nick kept a keen eye on the lush, green landscape down before him. “I know I saw him darting into the grass.” Grasping the handle of the butterfly net, Nick was all psyched up to in a flash to swoop it down on the tiny human. Nick’s eagle eyes spotted the movement of blades of grass that made a constant forward motion. A grin appeared on his face.

To Calvin’s rising fear the vibrations beneath his feet had intensified. Gaining courage, Calvin turned his head trying to look behind. “Crap,” said Calvin in a weak voice. The massive brown shoes were gaining on him. They pulverized the grass beneath them from their great weight and size. Calvin gave out a gasp when he saw one of the enormous shoes crush a luckless small toad who had leapt into the way. Turning back around, Calvin suddenly tripped over a twig (a log to him) and fell.

“Whoa!” blurted out Nick when he abruptly stopped when he saw the tiny man before his left shoe.

Calvin was in the process of getting up when he was all at once covered by a white mesh. “No!!!” screamed Calvin as he struggled in the netting.

“Now, now don’t struggle,” said Nick as he placed his hand around the netting directly beneath the wiggling tiny human. Standing back up with the sought-after prize in his net, Nick savored the sight. “So neat. And your all mine.”

Calvin, as the bottom of the net swayed slightly, stared up at the sky filling face. Its dark eyes sparkled with the look of a collector who had just found a precious object. Calvin’s stomach tightened up when the gigantic boy began to reach in with his hand. “Please no! I beg you!” shouted Calvin.

“Your tiny voice sounds funny,” remarked Nick as he closed his fingers around the squirming, tiny human who was helpless against them. Pulling his clenched hand from out of the net, Nick said, “I have waited a long time to have one of you tiny people as a pet.”

In the warm and slightly moist darkness of the giant’s hand, Calvin could make out among the deep, rumbling voice, the word---pet. “My life. What am I now?” Calvin tried not to accept he was going to be this colossal student’s pet.

Bringing his clenched fist closer to his face, Nick said matter-of-factly, “Now to put you with my other possessions.” Nick dropped the butterfly net for a moment. With his free hand, Nick lifted the flap to his right blazer pocket and deposited his pet. “Gosh, my own human pet—yes!” shouted Nick as he lifted his right arm up in triumph.


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Re: Brotherhood of Meadows Preparatory

Wow!!  So awesome story!!

Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us. We can't wait to read the next part and what will happen with Calvin.

Be welcome to our Forum!!