A Glimpse Into Jason's Life As A Pet Of A Giant Boy

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A Glimpse Into Jason's Life As A Pet Of A Giant Boy


     Jason sat on the edge of Julio’s massive socked foot.   As he sat there on the warm, thick, white fabric, the nineteen-year-old thought about his new life.  It was strange to be regarded as a tiny pet of a nine-year-old boy.  

     “He is a clever boy,” thought Jason as he recalled when he was caught by his youthful master. Julio had captured Jason several months after he had been shrunken by the shrinking virus.  Julio had been returning back from a meeting with his Cub Scout Troop. He had taken a trail through the park. Jason had been out foraging for food and any useful items to bring back to the clan he was living with. Julio had spotted him off on the side of the trail. And moving off of the trail, Julio slowly worked around and behind Jason. When Jason had suddenly become aware of the colossal boy---it was too late. Using his yellow scarf from his uniform, Julio whipped it over Jason and using it like a net, gathered up the tiny man. Thus, started Jason’s new life as a pet of a young boy.

     Getting bored just sitting on Julio’s bus size foot, Jason stood up and began his trek to the gigantic head that lay some distance away. Julio was laying on his side which to Jason was like hiking along a narrow path on a mountain top. Jason walked over the massive legs muscles that reminded him of large, smooth dunes on a beach. They radiated a heat not unlike sand heated from the noonday sun.  After a few minutes he came to the thick stitching to the cuff of Julio’s blue sport’s shorts.  Jason had to get on his hands and knees as he climbed up and over the thick folds to the gargantuan cargo pocket. A pocket he had spent many times in. Continuing to walk over the thick material to the shorts, Jason came to the adult tree width size fingers. Julio’s left arm was lying across his hip. Stepping up onto the middle fingers, Jason walked across his gigantic boy master’s hand and across his arm.

     “Almost there,” said Jason stopping to get some rest.  Jason was at the arm opening to Julio’s gray tee-shirt.  He would have to grab hold and climb up onto Julio’s small hill of a shoulder. Getting back on his hands and knees, Jason crawled until coming to the incline to Julio’s shoulder. Pulling on the gray fabric, Jason scaled the giant boulder size shoulder. Standing up, Jason looked down at the gargantuan size head. Using all his strength, Jason jumped off the shoulder onto the area of the face below the huge ear. “Wow, I’m surprised I haven’t woken master. He must really be tired,” said Jason out loud.  

     Jason began to walk across Julio’s face that was laying on its side. Coming to the side of his master’s huge lips, Jason made his way for the giant nose.  “I feel like such a bug,” thought Jason sadly to himself. “I guess I can’t blame Julio for seeing me as nothing more than a pet.”   Climbing up onto the warm and soft flesh of the huge nose, Jason standing at the tip, jumped off and onto the pillow.

     The pillow to Jason was like a white tiny island. Turning around he faced his master. The gigantic face filled his vision.  Jason had found Julio was a mix of Hispanic and German ancestry.  His youthful master had a light brown complexion and had many of the Hispanic features; though his high cheekbones were part of his northern European lineage.  Julio wore his jet-black hair in an hombre style---medium length on top and shaven on the sides.

     “Julio! Supper!” suddenly called the father from downstairs.

     Jason expected Julio to wake up. No movement.  “Master! Master! Wake up!” shouted Jason. Still nothing. Jason walked right up to the side of Julio’s huge red lips. Grabbing hold to the side of the lower lip, Jason began pulling on it with all his might. Stretching it as far as he could, Jason hoped to wake the colossal boy.  Hearing a groggy moan, Jason’s exertions had worked. He let go of the lip as the planetary size head began to move.

     “What’s up my pet?” spoke a very sleepy Julio.

     Jason shouted,” Suppertime master!”

     Julio thought he heard the faint piping voice say suppertime. “Dinner pet? Is that what you’re telling me?”   Jason nodded his head.

     Jason moved back as the titanic bulk of Julio began to sit up. He bent his head back to look up at Julio. The tiny young man (as always) was in awe of the boy’s supper size. It was hard for Jason just to think of him as a mere boy. He was like at times to Jason a young giant God from folklore.  “I must have been really tired after playing with my friends,” said Julio looking down at his pet.  The giant boy reached down to pick up Jason.

     Huge tree-width size thumb and forefinger clamped onto Jason’s body. Jason felt an upward motion.  He was hoisted high into the air. He saw Julio’s other huge fingers extend the lip to the gigantic boy’s tee-shirt pocket. He was lowered into the room size pocket. After the fingers had let go of him, Jason grabbed the thick stitching to the lip of the pocket.  Jason had become accustomed to pocket travel. Not too long ago, Julio’s older cousin got married. His master was dressed in his best suit for the wedding. Julio had placed his pet into the breast pocket of his light blue vest. Jason found himself sharing the pocket with a large light and dark blue handkerchief.  He rode in the pocket among the folds of the handkerchief.

     During supper, Julio would feed his pet.  Jason took the bits of delicious food from between Julio’s huge finger tips. At one point, Julio’s six-year-old brother Sean wanted to give the pet some food.

     Like Julio, Sean was a good-natured boy. He had more of the features of his mother.  He was round face with a white complexion. Sean had huge, clear brown eyes. His hair was light brown and made a slight fin at the crown of the head. Sean always seemed to have a grin on his face. Like all boys, Sean could be full of mischief.  Sometime back, early evening, Julio had left Jason in his dresser drawer where he kept his socks. Knowing his brother was away for a while, Sean wanted to play with Julio’s pet. Sean had entered his brother’s bedroom.  He went over to the dresser and looked into the drawer where the pet was kept. Discovering his brother’s pet sitting on a pair of white tube socks, Sean gathered the tiny man up.

     It happened to be a rather cold night and Sean was dressed in a dark blue Doctor Denton Pajamas. With the tiny man secured in his cupped hands, Sean went quickly into his bedroom.  Feeling rather rambunctious, Sean got an idea. Unzipping the front slightly, Sean placed the hand that held the tiny man into his pajamas. Tipping his hand, Sean sent the tiny pet rolling down into the dark depths of his one-piece pajamas. Jason screamed as he bounced and rolled down the boy’s expansive chest. Sean bent over and lifted his right leg up in spasm of laughter as the tiny man rolled down his body.

     Jason ended up in the tight confines of Sean’s right foot enclosure. It was pitch black and hot. On one side of Jason was the thick and soft material of the pajamas. And on the other side the firm skin to Sean’s giant foot.

     Sean looked down at his right attached slipper. He giggled as he felt the tiny man wiggling up against his foot. Picking up off his bed a small children’s video toy, Sean went and stretched out on the floor. He enjoyed both having a tiny person in his pajamas and playing video games.

     Jason sweated from the heat of the pajamas.  He felt like he was in Sean’s Doctor Dentons for an eternity. When he heard Julio’s questioning voice commence, he perked up. He could hear Sean denying he had Julio’s pet. Jason knew he had to do something. Squirming his way to the very back of the enclosed slipper, Jason reaching out into the darkness, found Sean’s boulder size toes. He began to tickle them. All at once, Sean began to giggle and shake his right foot.  Inside of the enclosed slipper, Jason trying not to be thrown off the foot, wrapped his arms around a toe.

     Julio was becoming frustrated with his little brother. He knew he had his pet.  And suspected where he had put him. Stooping down next to his brother, Julio said, “You wouldn’t lie to your own brother would you Sean? And take something that is mine.” Sean’s eyes became even bigger and soulful looking.  He was conscious of his guilt. Turning over, Sean sat up and unzippered the front of his pajamas. Reaching way into his right pant leg, Sean pulled out Julio’s pet and gave him back to him. “I’m proud of you little brother.”

     Jason had other adventures with Julio’s brother. But every time, Julio was there to supervise the time with Sean.

     After dinner, Julio went into the living room to watch some television. So, his pet could get a good view of the television, Julio placed him on top of his head. Jason sank up to his neck into Julio’s soft, black hair.

     At bedtime, Julio before going right to bed liked to fool around with his pet.  Julio placing his pet on his chest had Jason run and jump.  As he ran and jumped on the mammoth chest, Jason found it hard to keep his balance as his boy master laughed from the tickling sensation he made.  

     When the activity was over, Julio wondered where his pet should sleep for that night.  Julio liked his pet to sleep in different places. Mostly on him. Sometimes Julio had his pet sleep on his foot. On his pillow. Other times on his forehead or in his hair.  After thinking really hard over it, Julio decided his pet should sleep on his nose. Picking up his tiny pet, Julio placed him on the bridge to his nose.  Stretched out, Jason let his arms dangle over the sides of his master’s huge nose.

     The next day, after Julio and his pet had breakfast, the gigantic boy wanted to go and meet up with his pals. Julio put on a pair of brown sandals.  Before attaching the straps to the buckle, Julio placed his pet under the strap to his left sandal. The straps were cushioned underneath. When his pet was all secured on his sandal, Julio went and left the house.  For the tiny, tiny Jason, it was like riding on the back of some mythological beast.

     So was the life of Jason as a pet with his gigantic boy master Julio.

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Re: A Glimpse Into Jason's Life As A Pet Of A Giant Boy

Another amazing story!  Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!